Kobe Bryant case dropped by prosecutors

Motion to Dismiss Prosecution, Alleged Victim Agree to Drop Charge Against Kobe Bryant

Kind of makes you wonder what would have happened if he didn’t have the resources to hire top notch defense attorneys.

Also makes you wonder if the case would have been brought if he hadn’t had that kind of money.

He wouldn’t have been at the hotel, and she wouldn’t have boned him. The real winner here is Kobe’s wife. She gets to keep the ring!

Can Kobe countersue for slander? And, he has lost valuable endorsement contracts…can he sue for damages?

Wouldn’t he first have to prove the charges were unfounded? I’m not sure (though, of course, neither am I part of his legal team nor am I aware of their plans) he really wants to go that route. I’d imagine he just wants things to be over.

The young lady has already filed a civil suit. I would imagine any countersuit by Bryant would depend on the outcome of that.

What’s with that dateline?

Looks like the writer is a Philly football fan…


Curse you astro and your fingers of fury!! :slight_smile:

Takers on how many times astro’s heard that before?

I thought I heard on the radio that she dropped the civil suit, too.

IANAL, but I believe to successfully “get” somebody for libel or slander, you have to prove that what they said was false, so in this case Bryant would have to prove that he didn’t assault her. A bit more difficult IMHO than forcing the former plaintiff to prove that he did.

Actually, for a fleeting, worrisome moment I thought it was my SDMB Fark stalker who carefully checks all my posts to the minutest detail, to make sure I haven’t used any used item referenced by Fark. I thought he’d finally gone beserk.

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