Kobe Bryant Dead in Helicopter Crash

TMZ article. From it:

Just saw this on Twitter. Ugh. Way too soon

TMZ is reporting that Kobe and 4 others died when his personal helicopter crashed in Calabasas


I’m hearing this too. Very tragic and sad.

Oh man. So sad.

RIP Kobe.

Holy shit, what a January. :frowning:

Wow I’m not that much of a sports fan but I did like Kobe. I’m also shocked to realize how young he was, he’s been famous so long I guess I assumed he was older by now.

Holy sh*t. This is a shock. I think he still has young kids. I hold out a small hope that this is one of those celebrity rumors that circulates.

CNN is reporting it too.

ESPN is reporting this, too.

ABC is also reporting that Kobe’s four daughters were aboard the helicopter.

This is going to be even more imprinted on people’s memory than the breaking news of Michael Jackson’s death eleven years ago. Kobe was a huge international icon. He probably had 300 million fans in China alone.

I’m seeing reports that Rick Fox was onboard.

Now this is a damn shame. You don’t have to be tall to be a giant among men. But it makes for thrilling basketball. How strange for this to happen within 24 hours of James accomplishment. And how sad for all those who value Bryant’s contributions and leadership.

He entered the NBA right from high school, so you’ve heard of him since he was 18.

I’m hearing on the news that Kobe was known to get around California in a helicopter. I took some flight lessons for a time from airplane pilots; they all were wary of helicopters, since you have limited options if something goes wrong in the air (unlike a plane, a copter can’t glide).

I believe his wife just had a new baby.

ABC News said his four kids were on board.

Earlier thread in the Game Room:


…and much of his childhood was spent in Italy.

No doubt Phil Jackson will have some deep, insightful comments on his life and passing, at some point. No snark intended; I mean that seriously, based on a book Jackson wrote.

Reminds me of Colin Mcrae. So sad.

I can’t find any credible reports besides a snippet from a broadcast. In fact, most reports are saying that neither his wife nor any of his daughters were on it.