Kobe, Japan

I was supposed to be in Kobe This week but mother nature decided to fuck that up. Now things have been rescheduled and I’m looking at Kobe a month from now. Pretty much any flight I’m looking at would go through Tokyo. Considering the ongoing saga of the nuclear plants what would your thoughts on such a trip be? Would you be comfortable taking an 8 y/o?

Why can’t you fly into Osaka?

It’s possible, but every time I’ve tried to schedule Osaka in the past, flights have never worked out. I imagine the current disasters aren’t going to help with that.

You mean the flights you’ve tried to schedule in the past were cancelled? Or you couldn’t find a direct route? Where are you flying from?

The airlines I have status with don’t generally offer a lot of options to Osaka so finding flights that arrive and leave on my schedule is sometimes difficult. I usually fly to Japan from Boston via a transfer or a Direct flight out of NY.

If I’m willing to pay a bit more or leave coach as my only option Osaka becomes more possible.

Overall yes I could do Osaka but Tokyo tends to be easier. Do you think Tokyo should be avoided?

I know nothing about radiation and maybe by next month the Tokyo airport will not be filled with tons of fleeing people like I imagine it is now. But Osaka is so much closer to Kobe and so much farther away from the disaster zone, personally I would fly into Osaka if I could. It’s possible next month God forbid the earthquake/nuclear situation worsens and flights into Tokyo become more problematic than they are now. I hear what you’re saying, though. I used to use Korean Air many years ago, and it was inexpensive, but I don’t know what it’s like nowadays.

Book the flight through Tokyo. If it’s at all unsafe, either from a nuclear or a topographical issue, the airline will either cancel your flight altogether or re-route it through some other safe city. If they cannot find a new route that meets your approval, just cancel it.

Would I be comfortable taking an 8 year old? Yes. I assume the nuclear situation will have resolved itself one way or another (and hopefully a safe way!) before a month is up.