Kohinoor Indian foods, good bad or ugly?


A local grocery had a whole shelf of these buy one get one free, so I purchased a selection.

First of all I love paneer in all forms, so I tried the two varieties available which were palak paneer and the paneer makhani and both were the absolute worst paneer I’ve ever tasted. The sauce the paneer was in was good in both cases, I ate it with rice and it was great. The paneer cubes themself however were hard and rubbery, they didn’t even crumble when you bite them they just feel like cubes of tasteless rubber.

I also tried the dhal black lentils, this was good eaten over some rich but not especially great. In the end it is good but a bit high in price(at regular prices) for some lentils in sauce.

If I was buying this at regular prices I could go to the mall and eat at Tikka Masala for cheaper, and their Indian food is better to boot.

I could see this being used to widen the selection of shelf stable foods for a cabin or something.


Believe it or not, I found the Tandoor Cheffrozen dinner Chicken Tikki Masala to be decent enough, easy to make, and certainly cheaper than the nearest Mall Food court Indian (which would be a not-all-that-near Cafe Spice anyway)

Truthfully, I don’t know! There’s an Indian grocery store here with a dizzying assortment of frozen, packets, and fresh foods. I’ve had Haldiram’s paneer and thought it was very good! When it gets cooler out, I’m going to try and make my own paneer with milk and lemon juice.

One thing I forgot to complain about is that these foods would taste much better if they were not so damn BLAND, in both senses of the word(heat and spices).

Food court Indian food even is amazingly hot and spiced in comparison, the palak paneer in particular tasted like almost bland goop, like overcooked spinach. Even chicken korma which my two year old son loves is Tabasco compared to Kohlinoor!

I have no doubt this was intentional, but it just makes the food taste worse!