Kone (the elevator company) deserves a bad rap on the internet

FWIW, dumbwaiters come under elevator safety laws as well, at least in Massachusetts. The fraternity I lived in (brownstone built in the 1800s) had a dumbwaiter, and when it broke (due to rampant stupidity), no one would touch it except elevator companies. Every company who looked at it said they’d basically have to rebuild it from scratch to bring it up to current safety codes at a mid 6 figure cost.

Dumbwaiters are interesting in the use of the antiquated term “dumb” to mean unable to speak. There’s a very large animal shelter in Denver, CO calledThe Denver Dumb Friends League, another strange sounding name.

And now back to your regular programming.

It’s actually a code requirement. Mandatory Maintenance (PDF)

There are people who never take their cars for scheduled oil changes and prefer to wait until something breaks. That’s their own decision. Users of public transportation expect the transportation company to take better care of their buses, etc.

The building owner has a similar responsibility as the public transportation company, which includes maintenance of the building (lighting, for example) and the elevator.

A private elevator in someone’s own home? Similar to a car owner. They only hurt themselves. But even that’s changing.

All elevator maintenance repair companies are terrible, but Kone is definitely at the top of the heap.


Facilities guy with a current Kone maintenance contract (working on RFP for upcoming end of contract).

Well, damn. Our bookkeeper just found our contract with Kone, and it is hideous. It was signed in 2004, and lasts for 5-year periods, automatically renewing each time unless we give them something like 3 months notice. They have the right to terminate at any time and to raise their rates every year. We are threatened with legal action if we terminate outside the conditions noted.

Seems terrible that this sort of thing is even legal. Fuck Kone.
ETA: we are going to consult a friendly attorney and see if he can get us out of the contract (assuming Otis or Schindler or someone offers us a better deal).