Kool Aid with pants is just wrong

So when did Kool Aid man get pants? I just saw a TV commercial in which the pitcher-craniumed spokesman was wearing some kind of baggy shorts that came up to just under his mouth. I guess I haven’t been paying attention, but the last time I noticed, he just had red legs that didn’t resemble trousers with pockets and a belt.

Next thing you know, Donald Duck will be wearing Levis.

My guess is he’s celebrating the successful treatment of his congenital hydrocephalus with a snazzy new wardrobe; that noggin is significantly smaller than it used to be.

And Porky Pig will be wearing pantaloons?

And Bugs will be wearing a dress…

Looks like you are right Fear Itself. Here’s the old mascot . Looks like they put him on a diet too.

Here’s an old commercial with just red legs also. I’m still looking for the current one with baggy shorts.

The thing most worrisome in that link is not so much that there is a rainbow enema, but that it is animated.

“Colors, colors, I love colors up me ass!”


“Oh, yeah!”

Why not, now they’re selling sugar free Kool Aid. Which I guess would be an empty package :dubious: .