Korean Baseball Question

Specifically, what the hell is going on here?

The link is to a video of a pitcher hitting a batter and a rather strange result.

probably a comedic planned event. The getting up on one foot and hopping and “fighting” is some sort of kid’s game i believe. They’re just trying to make some fun on bench clearing brawls. All I know for sure is in the korean baseball leagues, you get fined for NOT fighting in HBP brawls.

I’m voting for parody. I can’t imagine real players would do something like that…maybe it was a celebrity game or something.

Monty Python, eat your heart out!

I did some google searching to see if grabbing your foot is any kind of obscene gesture in Korea, but I didn’t turn up anything, and I think it’s more likely they were making fun of fighting.

Here’s a link on YouTube. This happened in 2007, and I saw some message board comments indicating they were spoofing a then-recent incident where a U.S. batter tried to bluff his way on base by pretending he’d been hit by a pitch. But here is a better explanation:

There’s no way to verify a YouTube comment, but someone else adds this:

The way the players are smiling at the end of the clip backs up the idea that it’s for fun, at least.