Korean e-books and Kindle

I saw that the new Kindle 3 can display Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters. I’ve been drooling over a Kindle and if I could read Korean on it that would just push me over the edge.

On the info page it says “Our vision for Kindle is to have every book ever written, in every language, available in 60 seconds from anywhere on earth.” (Ambitious, no?) So far, though, it doesn’t look like they have any actual Korean books.

I know there are several Korean e-book readers, but I don’t know what format they use. I’m also not exactly sure what non-Kindle formats can be converted and read on a Kindle. Can anybody help me out here?

I successfully bought a book from kyobobook online, but in order to download it I need to install a program called “eBookCase,” and this is where I’m having trouble. I’ve looked around a bit and found some public library sites that also use this program, so I’m thinking it might be pretty widely used in Korea. Now I’m trying to figure out if all Korean e-book sellers use eBookCase, and if there’s a way I can get it working on my machine.