Korean name order

Need to know this ASAP -

Person named Je Ho Lim, resident of South Korea.

Which is his family name, Je or Lim?

I know that Koreans traditionally put their family names first, but often switch them around when dealing with Americans. I can’t tell whether this name is in traditional order or switched-around order.

Lim (actually, more like Im or Yim in pronunciation) is a common family name. I’m guessing that Je Ho will be the given names. Never heard of Je as a family name.

Thanks, Mr. O.

Come to think of it, there is a Korean family name that would be more properly written in English as Lim. (The English L sound isn’t found in Korean, but it’s pretty close.) My parenthetical nitpick in the previous post was based on the fact that many Korean names come out pretty different when written in English. The common name Lee, for example, is much closer to Yee in pronunciation. Some people spell it Yi, or even Rhee, but there is no L or R sound.

Anyway, that wasn’t the question. I’m fairly sure the family name is Lim, not Je. And you’re certainly welcome.