Kosher Chicken breast

Hi all, I am looking to buy kosher chicken breast wholesale in broward county, FL.
I am an executive chef for marriott hotels and there is an event requiring kosher chicken breast even though our facilty is not kosher. I have purchased empire chicken before however the company it was disributed through is no longer in the biz. Any recomendations would be helpful.

nice jewish boy

Google led me here:

Thanks, i will give it a try, my searches did not turn up with that.
BTW I grew up in jersey and worked behind the counter at eppes essen in livingston in the 70s

I only mentioned Google because I have no knowledge of the source, not because I thought you didn’t try. :slight_smile: Good luck!

How about calling a local synagogue and asking them? Even if the rabbi or staff doesn’t keep kosher, they may know of the local sources for kosher groceries.

I’ve never used this site before and can’t verify how much product they’d be able to supply, but the prices here: seem pretty reasonable for Kosher products.

Welcome to the Straight Dope, a questions like this should have been posed after sundown on Friday.