Kotor 3?

I’m a huge fan of the first two (I even - don’t stone me - liked 2 more than 1) and would like to find out anything I can about a third.

All I’ve seen is this from G4TV.

I’d like to find out what platform(s) it will be released on; if it’s currently in production; release date…pretty much anything…


KOTORO is slightly more than a rumor…

I’d pay $100 for a new KOTOR if it was made by Bioware and actually picked up the storyline from #1, throwing in some threads from #2.

“Mass Effect” is pretty good, but it’s not KOTOR. It feels like a failed attempt to modernize KOTOR by adding some Halo to it.

They should make a movie out of the first KOTOR. It’d be better than any other Star Wars movie.

Hell yeah.

KOTORO is probably one of the most wince-worthy examples of potential wasted. Bioware is about storytelling and that does not translate into the realm of MMOs. Full stop.

Someone has actually made a movie of the first KOTOR, using the games cutscenes and game engine. If your interested i’ll have a look later, see if I can find it again.

There was an article that I had read in a gaming magazine sometime about a year ago. The article was placing odds on sequels of games getting made. KOTOR was at 98% IIRC. I am a huge fan of both of the first 2.

After playing Mass Effect I know what I would like in a KOTOR 3 game: A solid story line like the one from KOTOR 1, a mix of the upgrade systems from KOTOR 2 and ME, the lightsaber fighting styles from KOTOR 2 and the advanced graphics of ME.

Hell, I’m interested, even if RickJay isn’t! If you could find a link, I’d be grateful.

Here’s a link to it on youtube (or at least I think so, i have no sound at work so it may be a different one, looks right though). I’ll have a look at home and see if I can find the high quality one I downloaded.