Kroger Rx Card thru Good Rx

So I got an email to sign up for a Kroger Rx card, offered thru Good Rx. $35 for the year. I researched and it was legit, and before I paid I could check my current prescriptions and see the savings. Wow.
So I took it to Fry’s (my local Kroger) and got an RX I’d been paying $53 for for $4.
How in the hell?? My friend said pharmacies are loss leaders for big grocery chains, to get you in to shop anyway. But holy hell.

I’ve heard many such things, including just switching pharmacies could save that much or more. It’s the wild west out there and many bandits are around willing to take money from the poor, weak, and sick. Also, in products and services in general, we are more used to prices that are competitive with each other and don’t usually see those type of savings and not programmed to look for them.

Mostly not true. The pharmacies inside large grocery stores are mostly operated by other companies; they just lease space from the grocery store. (Often those leasing companies are divisions of the large pharmacy companies (Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid).

They do provide increased traffic for the grocery store, but their loss or profit is not the grocery store’s problem. Those spaces used to be filled by shops like eyeglass stores, hair or fingernail parlors, etc., but pharmacies have a higher profit margin, and so can pay the grocery stores more to lease the space. And they draw traffic, because Americans are taking more pills than ever before. (I don’t think such small pharmacies are so common in other countries with an effective health care system.)

Well, the interesting thing is, and yes, I have been googling Good Rx looking for a downside, is the privacy concern, as if any of us have any any more. Now I have used the Kroger pharmacy for a while, but recently started trying out the Costco pharm, which is not as convenient. Good RX would know that of course, and tell Kroger??
My head hurts now.