This according to BBC Ceefax: Kryptonite has been discovered in Serbia.

But it’s white and not green :confused:

Apparently it has all the qualities of “real” Kryptonite. What I want to know is how do they know this, to the best of my knowledge the stuff is a fictional mineral

Hmmm… It has all the qualities of real Kryptonite, except most of them.

From what I read it just has the same composition (almost) as the description on the box containging the kryptonite in Superman Returns.

C’mon, everyone knows that kryptonite (KrF[sub]2[/sub]) is a colorless gas above -60 C, and decomposes explosively in the presence of moisture.

Which sort? white or green.

It’s no use coming in here and posting stuff without giving us all the facts

I don’t really know what all the fuss is about - Kryptonite is already in the Periodic Table

Wiki to the rescue !

Since the Properties of Kryptonite are that it’s Green , glows with an unknown type of radiation, and is fatal to natives of the planet Krypton, I don’t know what this sentence means. We don’t have any Kryptonians to try it out on, and I’ll bet it doesn’t give off unknown radiation. It ain’t green. That leaves glowing.

As all comic-book geeks know, Kryptonite comes in various colors. Green is the default mode, with others being Blue (created by a Bizarro projector, and killing Bizarro supermen), red (passed through a cloud on its way here – has weird, unpredictable effects), gold (permanently removes super powers), white (kills plant life, as der Trihs has noted), and jewel (from the Jewel Mountains. Useful for hypnotiozing people and amplifying psi powers). There are also weird hybrids like Kryptonite X (A blend of Kryptonite and uranium). And Yerllow Kryptonite (which turned out to be a hoax)

I don’t know where white kryptonite came from, or how they found out about its power. It was already in existence when in 1969 it cured Superman of a deadly infection.

As long as they keep it away from me. That Kryptonite stuff makes me weak and sickly.

This sounds strangely familiar for some reason.

“Are we going to Serbia, Mr. Lu-thor?”

No, doesn’t have the same ring.

I wonder what they are wearing in Serbia?

Well, according to Superman III, the chemical breakdown of Kryptonite is:

Plutonium: 15.08%
Tatalum: 18.06%
Xenon: 27.71%
Promethium: 24.02%
Dialium: 10.62%
Mercury: 3.94%
Unknown: 0.57%