Kudos for Rand Rover-Out and Proud!

OK, we need some gay Dopers to visit Rand Rover and prove him wrong. Or to prove him right. Fun finding out, either way – volunteers? :slight_smile:

I’m logging off for the night. Prove me wrong.

Your light is still glowing green.

I thought that was how you could tell someone was gay. I’m so confused.

Even my dumb ass can see the problem here.

You are obviously trying to insult/get a dig in at Rand Rover. Your way to do this is to insinuate that he is gay.

So, what you got against gay people?

Why not just call him a fag and be done with?

A fag?? We may not like him but at the same time we don’t want to smoke him.
Tell me more about your all-seeing ass. Does it have a newsletter that I may subscribe to?

Nope, that’s the amount of life left.

Oops, mine’s red. Gotta Run

Sometimes the people in this place are an incredibly pathetic embarrassment.

Nah. Too easy.



Actually, it can’t. It’s still pretty fuckin’ dumb.

An extreme measure to be sure, but my hopes of a diplomatic solution are dwindling.

Paging James Randi…

Don’t let it fog your lorgnette, Threepio.

Let’s analyze your statement. “The people in this place…”
We’re talking a cast of thousands here. Can you be more specific?

“incredibly” --you mean you can’t believe the level? You’re here since 1999 and still describe some of them as “incredible?”

“Pathetic.” I have to agree. Many fit this. Spot on.

“Embarrassment?” Nothing here can embarrass most people. I’m embarrassed if one of my relatives does something fucking stupid.

I’m embarrassed for a close friend if they step on their dick.

Not much else.

Wait… are we sure RR’s not just shitting us?

Don’t forget, this is the poster whose defense when a cite is asked for has been to claim to be having sex with other posters’ mothers and daughters:

Notice, he said nothing about my dad… Hmmm…

Sure, I can be more specific. The folks who are in this thread deriding a perceived slight against their cause, in this case gay marriage, by using gay as a pejorative because the guy isn’t outraged enough for their tastes.

Remember, folks, this guy was opposed to the North Carolina results and said it would affect his decision making regarding that state going forward. He just wasn’t outraged enough for likes of some of these folks.

That’s an incredibly, pathetic embarrassment. These folks do the gay marriage movement and gay acceptance, in general. a disservice. It slaps in the face everything gay rights is supposed to be about.

It’s a metaphorical lynch mob hanging the nigger lover who didn’t burn a big enough cross in his front yard.

Wow! Is that what I was doing?

Yeah, it was.

Weirdly, this post is the first thing in this thread that makes me agree with your first post in this thread.