kunoichi, I don't give a rat's rear about your false civility!

In a general questions thread, you posted bullshit. I called you on that bullshit. Your amazingly ignorant response was this (I went ahead and divvied it up so I could address your crap “point” by “point”):

In other words: You have no proof. You do not know.

Well, there’s the whole concept of the Chinese might have had a reason to keep a fellow human being alive. So, your granddaddy’s word is bullshit.

I asked for proof. Not more assertions without evidence.

Nowhere did I mention that the word “bigot” has a good sense. For those of us unimpeded by a stunning lack of brains, I clearly indicated that the word “bigot” was used in the linked thread in the sense that it’s used in polite society. Racials slurs aren’t considered polite.

Then you really can’t tell much, can you? I used the term “bigot” in a descriptive manner: to describe someone who uses a particular racial slur.

Care to make a relevant comment or are you enjoying yourself being obtuse? When I learned a foreign langauge (which I’ve done, being into Linguistics), one of the things taught is which words not to use in polite society.

Again, I don’t give rat’s rear if you admit it or not. The dude’s tossing around an offensive racial slur (according to you). That makes him a bigot, even if it’s only a teensy-bit bigoted.

Grand. Now you got two bigoted grandparents.

I didn’t have to establish that fact. You did that quite well by your lonesome.

Actually, you are and I didn’t.


‘Tain’t my fault the picture you paint of dear ol’ gramps is that of a bigot.

I’m still not interested in your false civility.


Whoops. Why is ‘Jap’ demeaning and ‘Brit’ is not?

Thanx. Having read the thread in question, I can say to Kunoichi, “Anata wa baka desu yo!”

Well done, Monty.

If someone I knew was held captive in some country other than the one he was from I doubt I’d hold it against him if he came out of it Majorly prejudiced towards that particular nationality and\or ethnic group.

gobear: No way in heck I’d use “anata” to address kunoichi.

Ego: The POWs I know don’t hold that experience against an entire ethnic group. But then I don’t hang out with too many bigots.

I might recommend: Omae, do-ahô ya de!

There’s a difference between hating the actual motherfuckers who held you captive and hating eveyr single person in that nation or ethnic group.

So you’re saying that a 79 year old man who was tortured on a daily basis for three to ten years by, let’s say, Soviet Russians, has no valid reason to say and think things like “Godless Communist Mother Fuckers!”?

Now imagine car battery terminals being attached to your teeth, tongue, and genitals. You can’t. It happens, and has happened to many a POW.


No. He has a perfectly valid reason to say such things about his actual tormentors, but to say such things against all Russians is invalid and predjudicial.

What Q.E.D, you mean every single Russian during and since aren’t guilty of torture? What is this insanity you speak of?

Why stop at POWs? If irrational bigotry and prejudice is rational due to past wrongs, I think every single black person in America should hate every single white person in America, because of the centuries of slavery, racism, murder, segregation, torture, prejudice, and oppression–regardless of whether or not they were guilty (or even born) during this time!

And Ego? Fuck you.

Ego_Mk2, you’re trying to convince people that suffering injustice is a valid ethical reason for acting unethically. While in some cases it is a powerful emotional argument, it is not a logical one, nor one that we would do well to live by. It is foolish, and makes you look like an asshole.

C’mon man, we can be better than this.

I’d be much more sympathetic towards a former torture victim if he were inclined to indescriminately bash all persons of the race/religion/ethnicity/whatever of his former captors. Obviously, the better course would be for him to recognize the distinction between his torturers and the whole group they happen to belong to.

And I certainly wouldn’t say “He has the right” or that he was right for his attacks.

That’s correct if he’s applying that term to all of the “Godless Communists” of the USSR instead of merely to those who actually did torture him. He also has no valid reason to ascribe the reason for the torture done to him merely to the “Godless Communist’s” race.

I am not bereft of imagination; therefore, I can imagine such a thing happening.

And how many times was this caused by the race of the person inflicting the torture?

If you don’t want to listen to reason, you don’t have to. I am curious, though…is it that you are unwilling or incapable of processing reason?

God, Monty, your constant screaming about ‘bigotry’ REALLY GETS ON MY NERVES.

Your monumental arrogance in presuming to judge what did or didn’t happen in the far East in WW2, or what the survivors of that terrible war are free to say or not to say now, frankly astounds me.

I’d love you to try your sorry little pc stunts on some of the people who were actually in that fight. I’d bet everything I own that, to a man, if they were 40 years younger they’d pound your sorry arse into the ground. With me egging them on, I might add.

And if, say, this was a Japanese message board, and all the arguments were reversed, and you were there bleating pointlessly in your customary pathetic pretension to moral superiority, about what you can or cannot call the British, well let it be known that the Japanese could call me whatever the hell they liked. No skin off my nose, cos I’d have the requisite two brain cell minimum to realise and appreciate that the anger and the words were directed at my ancestors, not at me.

Tought noogies.

Maybe it’s your utter illiteracy that is the cause of your nerves being out of sorts. After all, I did not judge what happened to anyone.

Then, you are the one who is monumentally arrogant.

Further proof that you cannot actually process the written word. I said nothing about the term “Brit” being a racial slur.

Ah, grand. Yet another person who rationalizes away bigotry. Oddly enough, it appears that your two brain cells do not work in tandem.

“Tought” above should, of course, read “Tough.” I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much, what with Reuben being functionally illiterate.

Quoth Reuben: You’re wrong because someone can kick your ass.
Wow. What’s the name of that one? Argumentam ad asswhoopitude?

We had survivors in my family,** Reuben**, and I’ve listened to their stories.
My grandfather, grandmother, and mother were interned in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Tientsin, China during WWII.
Although, as civilians, they did not experience the atrocities that
captured British and American soldiers did, I can safely say that it was a horrible experience for them.
However, they did not hold the entire Japanese race culpable and had no animosity the individual Japanese that they came into contact with after the war.
They also did not use the word “Jap” after the war as they considered it vulgar.

Actually, my grandparent’s Chinese servants risked their lives on a weekly basis smuggling eggs, rice, and chicken to them.
My grandparents were penniless.
The servants did it simply out of humanity.