Kurt Cobain Killed?

Was Kurt Cobain killed? I saw the documentary and a strange argument for murder is brought up but never elaborated on. It said that there were no fingerprints on the gun or bullets. He was not found wearing gloves and he died instantly died so how is explained?

I saw that documentary and I don’t remember the part about no fingerprints. You’ve got to think that IF someone did kill him and tried to make it look like a suicide, they would at the very least press his fingers against the gun to get his prints on it.

Besides, it doesn’t take Scotland Yard to figure out what happened when his most recently release song before his death was “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die”

Assuming the report to be true (it may not be), it isn’t unusual not to find useable fingerprints on weapons. (Hollywood to the contrary.) The act of firing the gun usually smears them.

People love conspiracies because they much a much better story. However, IRL, any conspiracy is found out quickly and unambiguously (especially for murder). All conspiracy theories are ad hoc – made up of disparate facts and elements with no real connection – and they assume that the conspirators are both clarivoyant and stupid.

My sole claim to precognition was that I predicted Cobain’s suicide the day it happened. I was out with some friends and we were discussing various subjects over our beers. We got on the subject of Cobain and someone mentioned the supposedly accidental overdose of pills he had taken a few months before. I said it looked to me like a clear suicide attempt and predicted to everyone he would eventually kill himself. Cobain did in fact shoot himself that same day.

No, he didn’t. When the key evidence is all culled up from nut-bags, you kinda get the feeling that their stories are not seeped in credibility.

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If there were any real suspicion that it wasn’t suicide, surely Kurt’s family and friends would be all over it. Instead they all seem to accept that he killed himself. While a bunch of people who hardly knew him (if they knew him at all) are the ones insisting otherwise.

The real story can be found at alt.dead.dumbass.

Some of you might remember me talking about how I had Courtney Love on a tech support call several years ago. She certainly wasn’t the most lucid person I spoke to. She rambled on for like an hour. It was definitely the most interesting call I had.

One of the the things she rambled on about was this guy who kept trying to use chain e-mail and websites to promote the theory that she killed Kurt. She was really upset about that.

I think it’s all a pretty good case study in conspiracy theories. Sometimes the truth just isn’t interesting enough for people, or sometimes it hits a nerve.

I remember the OD that Mike King was talking about. It put Kurt into a coma. It was pretty big news, but it seemed to have largely been forgotten once he was dead.

Kurt was a notorious heroin addict. If he would have ODed on heroin, it would have been chalked up as just another rock ‘n’ roll OD. I think he shot himself, because he wanted to make one last dramatic statement.

I feel very sure of one thing. If someone actually wanted to kill Kurt Cobain, they wouldn’t have used a gun. They would have used a needle.

Cobain also had taken an overdose of heroin prior to shooting himself. Literally overkill, but it was four times the lethal dose, if I recall.

Another thing that shoots the conspiracy theories down: Cobain wedged a chair under the door knob to prevent anyone from entering. A murderer couldn’t have done that and gotten out of the room.

Cobain laid out his identification and wrote a one-page suicide note in red ink. He stabbed the pen through the note into a pile of potting soil. According to Courtney Love in a *Rolling Stone * interview, Cobain wrote a second note, the contents of which were never disclosed. The note was returned to her after the investigation, and she has it stored in a safe-deposit box.

The day before his suicide, a friend reported that Cobain, pale and grim, had talked him into purchasing the shotgun for him. Cobain stored the gun in his Settle home, and flew to a rehab center. He spoke to Courtney Love and dropped a few suicidal hints. He skipped out on the rehab, and flew back to Seattle.

Love was concerned, hired a private detective, and set out looking for him herself. She eventually ended up in the hospital from an overdose.

The detective never checked above the garage. He glanced at the house, and left. Cobain’s body lay in the garage two more days before a repairman found him.

But, there was evidence that there had been a second person in the room with Cobain. Cigarette butts in the ashtray that were not of his brand and a small drawing of a sunrise that said “Cheer up.” No one has ever discovered who the second person was. Personally, I think it was Elvis.

Let’s not forget that Nick Broomfield, the director of “Kurt and Courtney” is a no-talent hack who cannot make a decent documentary. I think he just makes films so he can see himself on screen.

(Yes, I know that films should be italicized, not put into quotations, but I don’t feel that Broomfield’s drivel deserves to be treated as a film.)

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well the one i heard was that he had to have pulled the trigger with his toe, but he had shoes on.


Look at the picture at the top of this page http://www.celebritymorgue.com/kurt-cobain/ and tell me why he would have had to use his toe…

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