Kurt Waldheim-Good Guy or War Criminal?

Was Hauptsturmfuhrer (sp.?) Kurt Waldheim a Nazi? Was he responsible in whole, or part, for extermination of Greek and Bulgarian Jews during WW2 as a Wehrmacht officer? Why does Hamilton College refuse to withdraw his honorary degree even though the US Government has seen fit to PNG him?

Arnold Schwarzzeneggar thinks he’s peachy. When the Austrian Oak got married, he invited Waldheim to his wedding. The US had already banned Waldheim, so he couldn’t come to the wedding. Arnold made a showy toast to his old friend at the reception. A roomful of Kennedys were reportedly aghast.

Well, the Kennedys must have been completely petrified when he was elected as Secretary-General by the UN.

From a Vatican City webpage:

I think this page is quoting the Jerusalem Post:

What is the Adelaide Institute (above link) anyway?

Another page has this to say about Lieutenant Waldheim:

It’s interesting to note the caption on this war time photo of Waldhein on the Simon Weisenthal Center website:

So, a brief search turns up claims that he was an officer in an SS unit that participated in war crimes (I saw a claim that the unit’s CO was executed for war crimes), and the Weisenthal Center makes the statement that he was “personally uninvolved.”

Make of it what you will.

To be fair Micheal, the revelations about his past only came 5 years after he failed to win re-eletion as UN Secretary General after a veto by China.

It’s highly ironic, don’t you think?, that the Kennedy’s would try to appear so anti-Nazi?

After all, Joe Kennedy was one of the most powerful Hitler supporters before World War II, certainly the most powerful one with political office.

Remember, he was a member of the Cliveden Set, the cabal of appeasers and antisemites who met at Nancy Astor’s palace, and the combination of his Irishness and Catholicism made him a firm hater of both England and the Jews from early on. As his fellowship with his friend Father Charles Coughlin can well attest.

Remember, it was Kennedy who said that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world.”

It must be of great chagrin to the Kennedy family that the German ambassador wrote in a personal letter to Hitler himself, that Kennedy was “Germany’s best friend in London”.

Joe Jr. also loved the Nazis. Remember this quote? In which he agreed with the German “need of a common enemy, someone of whom to make the goat. Someone, by whose riddance the Germans would feel they had cast out the cause of their predicament. It was excellent psychology, and it was too bad that it had to be done to the Jews. The dislike of the Jews, however, was well-founded. They were at the heads of all big business, in law etc. It is all to their credit for them to get so far, but their methods had been quite unscrupulous … the lawyers and prominent judges were Jews, and if you had a case against a Jew, you were nearly always sure to lose it. … As far as the brutality is concerned, it must have been necessary to use some … .”

It was because of his fear of the Jews that Kennedy pegged his hopes on Roosevelt’s defeat in 1940. When Roosevelt won however, he was forced to resign.
It is probably because Joseph Kennedy and his son were so famously racist, antisemitic, and proNazi that the Kennedy family still have to pretend to not be antisemitic or proNazi today.

So, if they did react with horror at Kurt Waldheim, it was probably a necessity since, even though Schwarzenegger has publicly apologized for the actions of his father and shown his great disgust for what he had done during World War II, to my knowledge the western world still awaits an apology from the Kennedy family.

An investigation cleared him of direct involvement, but it is clear before this he was lying about his past.

Well, glad to know the UN has such thorough background checks.


Micael, before he was elected as GS he had a long prominet career as a dimplomat as politician, it’s pretty lame to use his election to attack the UN and also this (GQ) is meant to be a politics-free zone.

Its an Australian nutjob site. Anti-semites and holocaust revisionists.

Thanks Eolbo, I’d gotten that impression with a quick look around. But they seemed to have some conflicting articles, so I wasn’t sure what flavor of nutjob they represented.

So the Kennedy family of today, 2 or 3 generations later, is still “pretending” because of the views their grandfather or great-grandfather had?

Heck, there are racist & anti-semetic things my late father said much more recently that that, but I didn’t realize that my support of “equal rights for all people” was some kind of “pretending” because of that. And I never realized that our family owed the western world an apology because of his views!

Somehow, myles, I think your political views are coloring this answer a bit!

One, I said I was kidding. Two, bringing up Arnold smells like someone bringing politics into it (but I could very well be wrong.) Three, it’s Michael. M-I-C-H-A-E-L.

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**So the Kennedy family of today, 2 or 3 generations later, is still “pretending” because of the views their grandfather or great-grandfather had?

The senior senator from Mass. is the son of the man named in the OP. That’s ONE generation, and it’s Dad. Not grandpa or Great grandpa.

I blame the coding mess above on my ancestors. Damn those sloppy coders!

And, upon review, the OP did NOT mention the Kennedys at all. Please just ignore my ranting here. I was responding to a responder that was responding to…

Mea culpa.

It certainly looked to me that you were trying to score poltical points and have you ever herad of typos?