KY Governor: "Nice health insurance you have there, would be a shame if something happened to it".

It gets worse.

First Bevin holds the healthcare coverage of almost a half-million people hostage if he doesn’t get his way: Gov. Matt Bevin says he will end Kentucky’s expanded Medicaid program that provides health coverage for more than 400,000 low-income people if a court blocks the work requirements

Last week a federal court ruled that the work requirements and resulting coverage losses run contrary to Medicaid’s core purpose, that being “providing healthcare to the poor”.

In retaliation, Bevin has started shooting the hostages. In what was described as a “Trumpian tantrum” that comes just days after a federal judge struck down his attempt to impose work requirements on his state’s 1.4 million Medicaid recipients, Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin on Monday completely canceled dental and vision coverage for 460,000 Kentuckians.

At least now the poors won’t be able to see their teeth falling out…:frowning:

I have to agree. After all, this is “The Base”. This is Trumpyland. They were all for having this happen to “everyone ELSE”. They deserve each other.

Easy to point and laugh, I know. But still, there are almost a half-million people about to lose health coverage there. If, as cited above, 63% of the state voted for Trump, that still means that about 185,000 people (37% of 500,000) who didn’t vote Trump//Bevin/GOP are going to have their healthcare ripped away. That’s nothing to laugh about.

Again, 30.6% voter turnout. Still their own fault.

C’mon, really? Do you really not give a shit if tens of thousands of Kentuckians who voted against Bevin and his policies lose their health insurance?

You do understand that people will die, right? Yes, they will. An insulin-dependent diabetic who is “locked out” of health insurance and can’t get their insulin anymore WILL DIE. And please, don’t trot out that obnoxious position that “Oh well they can always go to the ER”. Ya, they can. And be bankrupted by the bills. Or if they can’t pay, their credit is ruined for life and the rest of us end up footing the bill anyway. And even then they still may die because emergency ER visits when they’re slipping into a diabetic coma don’t equate to the daily insulin and doctor’s care that diabetics need.

Punishing people according to what group they belong to, even if they personally have done nothing wrong… whom does that remind me of?

When I know that people are suffering, my first thought is to fix it. Deciding whether they deserve it or not is over my pay grade. Way over.

It’s not like I don’t care, it’s that I don’t think they should inflict this upon themselves. What can we possibly do about this?

My corner of the state–Deepest Appalachia–was to be last on the list to implement Bevin’s work requirements, and no one is quite sure how it was going to work in an area like ours with an enormous unemployment rate.

The ratfucking element of Bevin’s Medicaid requirements can’t be overstated. The work requirements are, of course, waived if you qualify as medically unable to work. How is that determined? Nobody really knows, but it includes having your doctor fill out what I’m told is a 12-page form. 12 pages! My practice (a large residency-based clinic) has at least 1000 Medicaid patients. If this happens, it’ll bring us (and every other clinic in town) to a halt for a good while.

They’ve also added a premium for Medicaid, which is very small–so small that it’s going to cost more to collect it than it will bring in. But it has to be paid monthly, and if you think they’re going to make it easy for little old granny women and people without checking accounts to make that payment, then you just don’t get it yet.

The whole point of this thing is to put a bunch of bureaucratic hurdles between people and Medicaid, so that a bunch of them lose their benefits and the conservatives can just tsk and say it’s their own damn fault.

Oh, and KY also just passed a tax cut package that will cut total taxes on almost everyone making over $175K and raise them on almost everything else. So in short, we just passed a tax cut for the richest Kentuckians so that we can cut vision and dental coverage for the poorest Kentuckians. Because Jesus.

Gollu, welcome to the SDMB. We are NOT, on the whole, supportive of the crap the GOP has been pulling for the past generation or so (although you’ll find a Doper here and there who is).

But you’ve been here since last month. There’s a thread here called Stupid Republican idea of the day that I’d like to urge you to read. It’s been constantly active since March of 2009, so it might take you a while to finish.

The point is, that it’s possible for…well, let’s call it outrage-fatigue to set in. Sometimes you’ll get outraged on so many people’s behalf, that once in a while, especially when it’s a case of the people who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces getting their faces eaten by leopards, the compassion is there, the empathy is there, but you want to save your fury for someone who isn’t quite as complicit in their own misfortune.

So, know that none of us (with the exception of a few shitheads who you’ll learn to recognize if you stick around) approves of Bevin’s shenanigans. Just, please don’t presume to instruct us on how to be mad about this.


I just can’t wrap my head around how evil this is.

And how some people are cackling that everyone who lives in a state that went for Trump deserves this.

Yeah, it can be tough to hear, but I don’t think any of them actually believes that.

We sometimes cackle because the alternative is screaming until our vocal cords, lungs, and hearts give out.

Donald Trump is an enthusiastic supporter of Bevin’s plan. Make America Great Again.

This is a feature, not a bug. GOP policy making is about “morality”, not finance. Republicans support increasing government spending if they know the money will go to separating children from their parents, letting sick black people get sicker, or otherwise increasing human misery. The fact that Kentucky will now be wasting money is a bonus: it will provide a reason to cut other social programs.

I wish I were just being sarcastic about this, but by now we can see that the GOP is drowning in its own malice and spite.

As an EMT, I cannot agree with this notion enough. Girl Wonder, who has suffered from Crohn’s Disease for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years, takes chemotherapy for it (well, she gets treatment with methotrexate, which is used in chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma and leukemia), has had portions of her intestines removed for it, and is on so many different medications for it that she carries a separate purse with her full of prescription pill bottles, could conceivably be affected by this. The risk of it affecting her may be small, but it’s real enough that both she and her doctor have suggested that perhaps Girl Wonder should think about getting an attorney in case she has to fight for any benefit that may be jeopardized.

She is a diehard Republican who didn’t vote for Trump or Bevin. I’m a diehard Democrat who voted for Obama twice and did everything possible to send Clinton into the White House. I absolutely did not vote for Bevin

I’d love to know why conservatives think that she deserves to have her health jeopardized (she’s currently in remission), even potentially,

Because conservatives believe that if you’re not rich it’s because God is punishing you for your sins. This maybe used to qualify as an obscure joke, but has gradually drifted into becoming the literal truth.

I think the underlying message isn’t cackling, it’s a way of venting frustration at how a state can reliably reward shitheads like Bevin with public office when it’s so obvious that his policies are harming people. The same is true in Kansas: how the hell do people continue to vote reliably R when they push the state to the brink of financial crisis? As Levitsky and Ziblatt say in their recent book How Democracies Die, the states, which have been long regarded as laboratories of democracy, are now becoming experiments for authoritarianism (I would add, they are laboratories for plutocracy).

People could resolve this problem by simply voting for the party that supports assistance for people in need. Many right wing voters know that even people they know and care for may be harmed by right wing policies, and yet they still support the right wing. Despite inflicting obvious self-harm at the ballot box, they continue to support the right over the left because they have bought into the notion of culture war. In real life, yes, Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid matter a lot. But when it comes to giving people the power to run their state or their country, preservation of their culture is ultimately more important. This is why we’re hearing farmers who are faced with economic devastation if Trump’s tariffs go into full effect continue to say that they “trust” Trump. What they really mean is that they “trust” someone (like Trump, like Brownback, like Bevin) whom they recognize more closely than someone they don’t (like Obama and Hillary), even if he’s a bonafide asshole, and even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Because in the end, they trust ‘their kind’ to preserve the overall order more than they trust ‘the other’.

I don’t think that’s really it, at least not at the decision-making level. The people who make the real decisions support any government policy which lines their pockets and those of their dear friends; if that can be combined with making today’s Them suffer, better, because that makes Us look Strong and Mighty to the people whose vote is based on fear of Them.


So…what, then: Kentucky is governed by Gino and Dino?

It is a “truth” to too many people. It’s the “prosperity gospel”. The prosperity gospel originated as an offshoot of Pentecostalism in post-World War II America. While it started in local congregations and in tent revivals, the movement gained a larger following through the use of radio and television, and became firmly entrenched in the 1980s with the rise of “televangelism.” During the 1960s, prosperity gospel teachers embraced televangelism and came to dominate religious programming in the United States. Oral Roberts was among the first, developing a syndicated weekly program that became the most watched religious show in the United States. Another one was Jim Bakker. And Benny Hinn. Liars and con men, all.

If you are rich, it is because you are righteous and God loves you (just like Trump, or Al Capone, or El Chapo,… whatever). If you are poor, you suck and you deserved it.

Money and power are outward signs of “virtue”.
Add in a pinch of Calvinism - the “saved” are already “pre-selected” and everyone else is just fucked, and there ya go.