KY Governor: "Nice health insurance you have there, would be a shame if something happened to it".

I can’t even…

The sheer spite and vindictiveness of this GOP Governor is just sickening. Governor Bevin demanded that the state institute work requirements as a condition of having Medicaid health insurance. Never mind that most Medicaid beneficiaries already work or can’t work; many of those out of work are in poor health.

And, many working people also will likely lose coverage due to work requirements, especially if their jobs have fluctuating hours or if they are seasonal or self-employed workers.

And that his plan would result in costing more money to cover fewer people.

But wait, it gets better. In a Trumpian tantrum, Bevin then threatened to cancel health insurance for almost half a million Kentuckians if he doesn’t get his punitive work requirements in place. :mad:

Fuck you Matt Bevin. With a rusty coal shovel.

I don’t understand this part. The study says

But if the person can’t get 80 hours of work a month, there are other things they can do that qualify as “work or work activities” right?

The good citizens of Kentucky voted him in. He said all of this crap before the election. They are getting what they wanted. Fuck Matt Bevin, sure, but frankly the people now getting fucked by him have no one to blame but themselves. Vote less stupid next time.

It’s not 80 per month, it’s 20 per week. Now imagine you are a waitress working an average, 20 hours per week. The rest of the time you are caring for your children at home because you can’t afford daycare.

Then, on the last day of the week, your boss calls and says the restaurant isn’t very busy and he doesn’t need you to come in after all. Bam! You only worked 19 hours that week and bye-bye health insurance. You’re locked out of accessing your health care for up to six months.

While it’s true that 62.54% of the state voted for Trump, 37.46% of them, (more than one in three) did not. Those voters will lose their healthcare just the same.

Sorry, but I’ve read through the links you provided, and I cannot find where Kentucky requires 20 hours a week. Everything I see says 80 hours a month. Can you point it out?

I also found this: “In addition, 1 primary caregiver of a dependent minor child or adult with disabilities per household is exempt” which would seem to cover a single mom working as a waitress.

And voter turnout for the 2015 Kentucky gubernatorial election was just 30.6%.

Again, vote less stupid next time.

On average, every month has four weeks. What’s 80 divided by 4?

The Entire state is on medicaid?

I agree that this feels vindictive and heartless. I also think its the wrong approach, but there is a reason:

I don’t know. I don’t have that many toes. :rolleyes:

A more reasonable answer: You either report 20 hours a week or 80 hours a month. 20 hours a week reporting doesn’t leave you much chance to make up any missed hours. 80 hours a month gives you plenty of chances to make up hours.

“Please, employer. We’ve come down to the end of the month and due to scheduling, you’ve only given me 70 hours. Could you put me on for two double shifts later this week so I can hit 80 hours so I can retain health insurance?”

“No, sorry.”

This would be such a great reply, if working was the only way to get to 80 hours.

How else am I going to get my 80 hours?

There are various other activities explained in the actual policy. You can start there.

No, but almost one in four are.

Did you miss the part where under Bevin’s plan, it actually will cost Kentucky more to provide health coverage to people affected by the Medicaid changes than if the state did nothing.?

That still won’t help someone who gets their last shift of the month cut unexpectedly and falls even one hour short of the 80 hours with no time left to scramble to find extra work. Or volunteer. Where would you, with no notice, get an hour of volunteer work at 11 pm on a Sunday night on the last day of the month? :confused:

Yes, yes I did.

You have a very strange calendar.

Inquiring minds want to know:
(A), Are there 48 weeks in a year?
(B), Are there 13 months in a year?

In my calendar, each month has about 4.3 weeks, not 4 weeks.


Just sayin’

[li]Holidays[/li][li]Sick time[/li][li]Vacation time - (even if it’s used for things like doctor visits & not actually going away)[/li][/ul]
& you’re pretty much at exactly 4 weeks.

Of 31 days this month, only 21 are business days. A job in the “business district” isn’t necessarily open nights or weekends.