Kythereia's Café: food to get you in the mood

Here’s the thread to share those romantic recipes, those first-date meals, those sizzling starters and erotic entrées… for if music be the food of love, play on! (Or something like that. Y’know.)

So, what can I get you today?

I have a few recipes on my website at , including my award-winning lasagna and focaccia bread. Both are excellent, if I may say so, and impressive enough to serve at a dinner party for friends or a romantic candlelit first date at “your place.” Don’t forget a nice red wine (I’m partial to shiraz-cabernet blends, myself), and remember, kids: “Room temperature” for red wines traditionally meant the room temperature of drafty, chilly European castles. You’ll want to chill that red somewhat before you serve it!

I also like to take fresh salmon steaks or fillets, marinate them overnight in a marinade of teriyaki sauce, pineapple juice, crushed garlic, and powdered ginger, and then just throw them on the grill until they’re fully cooked. Toss some sliced pineapple rings on the grill too, while you’re at it, and serve with nice, light sides like rice pilaf and steamed broccoli. It’s a very healthy meal, and is “fancy” enough to make you look like a restaurant-level cook with minimal effort.

I can go on and on. As a 27-year-old single guy, almost everything I cook is designed to be affordable, relatively easy to prepare, somewhat healthy, and ideally attractive or impressive to the ladies.

I like simple things that look well, but are easily prepared.

Stuffed tomatoes for example is a great, and somewhat unusual picnic food, I’d found. (I’ve also heard of making canapes out of stuffed cucumbers.)

Thai style spring rolls are easy, healthful, and impressive, too.

For another simple, and erotic, food - a fruit plate can be very attractive if well presented: thinly sliced fresh apple (or coated with a touch of lemon juice to keep from browning); kiwi slices; tangerine sections; and thinly sliced honeydew melon. If one is feeling particularly showy, a mild dipping sauce can be provided, too. This is a dish that’s all about presentation, and alternating the colors of the fruits offered. Nothing large, but very flavorful - and sensual.

I know someone whose chocolate brownies makes me break into a sweat. She has now started a catering company.

It must have been inspired by the Goddess of Love. :slight_smile:

I think this post in another thread might count, too. :smiley:

I remember a delectable meal of Stuffed Sole and later that evening…

Chocolate-covered Nipples always does it for me…

(D & R)

My ideal romatic meal (and one which I could actually cook):

Oysters or goat’s cheese, pine-nut and roquette salad, or figs with honey to start
Steak Diane for a main- whiskey, mustard, mushrooms, red meat, cream…yummy.
Chocolate mousse or a rich chocolate cake to finish.
Wine throughout.

YUM! One of the keys for “mood” food is to keep is relatively light. Nothing shuts down the romance faster than being really, really full. A former professor of mine used to talk about the honeymoon he spent in Italy, where everything was beautiful and they were constantly fed huge, delicious meals that put them in the mood to nap more than anything else. It was a gluttonous but relatively chaste honeymoon. :slight_smile:

Similar to the salmon and pineapple meal, I find skewered food to be on the sexy side. I marinate chunks of chicken breast in teriyaki then alternate it on skewers with chunks of fresh pineapple, bits of red bell pepper, small mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and that sort of thing. I brush a little marinade over the veggies too. Eating these with your hands is fun, and you do a lot of licking and sucking the juices off your fingers. Or their fingers. If you grill the cherry tomatoes just right, they have a nice, warm pop in your mouth when you bite down. Heavenly, if you like that sort of thing.

Now I’m really…hungry. :smiley: