L.A. goes hunting for it's own football team

Seen here. I thought the Jaguars were doing pretty well this year. No?

If they get offered enough money they will pack up in the middle of the night.

Jacksonville had the third worst attendance in the NFL last year (Detroit and Oakland were worse). Oak and Det had the “benefit” of being truly atrocious. Most (all?) of their games were blacked out in their area.

I wonder about realignment. I guess LA could be in the AFC South. If the Bills move, then what? An LA team in the AFC East would be like the screwy days of you’re… or is it your?
(ok, yore)

Eh - they need to get away with directional alignment anyway. Name the 8 division names the following (or any other big important names in the NFL): Lombardi, Landry, Shula, Brown, Halas, Noll, Thorpe, and Rozelle.

If Dallas can be in the East, LA can be South.

I would love to see this just to see what happens if the division that contains the Bears & Packers is assigned one of those names. Halas? Lombardi?

World War Three.

If the Bills go to L.A., or anywhere else, I’m going to have a very hard time watching football in the future. Nevermind the obnoxiousness of declaring you are trying to poach someone else’s team. But I don’t think they’re moving in the next few years or going to Los Angeles at all. Nor do I think L.A. is going to support a football team. I’d laugh my ass off if these people got stuck with an empty stadium.

An L.A. team in the AFC would almost certainly have to be in the West. Problem with that is, you’d probably have to move the Chiefs, which would be a bummer from the standpoint of long-term rivalries. Maybe they could move the L.A. team to the NFC, and move the Rams out of the west. That would still screw with the Rams/49er’s rivalry, but that’s not been the same since the Rams moved to St. Louis anyway. Then move the Rams to the NFC South, and move one of those teams (probably the Panthers) into either the AFC East or South.

All this is assuming that L.A. could ever get their shit together and build a stadium, and that the NFL really wants a team there anyway. Having no team in L.A. provides an outstanding bargaining chip for the other teams in the league when they’re dealing with their cities. “Give us what we want, or we’ll move to L.A.”. When that’s gone, their leverage decreases greatly.

The Bills have had a mediocre team for over a decade. Yet they have sold out every single game at Ralph Wilson for the last three years.

Ask a Bills fan what he thinks about this total asshole of an author smugly telling him that “if you just filled up your stadium, maybe it won’t get taken away.” Hell, I’m not even a Bills fan and I’m pissed off at him.