LA Clippers fans???!???

Are there actually any fans of this team. They suck. Why would anyone in Los Angeles root for these pathetic losers when you have the Lakers to root for?

As a mtter of fact, is there ANYONE that roots for the New Jersey NETS??? Like as in, pay for a ticket to one of their games???

Nets/Clippers fans only, or Joisians/Los Angelinos, please.

Thank you, Jim Rome wanna-be…

Yer pal,

I can’t speak for the Clipers fans, but I’ve paid good money for Nets tickets. I wanted to take a date (now my wife) to a basketball game, and the worst available seats at the Knick game were available for no less than $55. For $15 I got decent seats from which to watch the Kings pummel the Nets. I’m not a fan of the team, but if I want to see professional basketball, at least they’re affordable.

Chaim Mattis Keller

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Save your smack-talk, Satan. I know you clones better than you know your clones!

And please, NO Orenthal resets! LOL

Anyway . . . CM Keller . . are you saying that Clippers and Nets fans are basketball fans who cant afford to see the Lakers or Knicks?

LA Clippers?


Come on, really?

I can vouch for one person, my best friend John is a Clippers fan and has been for a LONG time. He has even got season tickets a couple of seasons and had me go along most of the time (unfortunatly, he knew that I had time on my hands and knew my weakness for a dog and a beer).

Not often that you can go see a professionl NBA game and hear what the players say echo.

Oh and I ask him why he likes such a suck ass team once and he said it was a family thing meaning his pop took him all the time. I think its more a memory thing with him rather than watching those overpaid meatballs lumber up and down the court.

[QUOT]Anyway . . . CM Keller . . are you saying that Clippers and Nets fans are basketball fans who cant afford to see the Lakers or Knicks?

Well, those are the people who would willingly pay for a ticket to their games…I doubt they’d consider themselves fans.

Bear in mind, though, that the Nets represent New Jersey. Some people are actually proud that they’re from there rather than New York (go figure) and prize the Nets for their seperate NJ identity.

Clippers fans I can’t explain, though.

Chaim Mattis Keller

Although I’ve never been to an NBA game, I might finally make it to a Clippers game this year, if only to check out the new arena. My only defense is that I used to live in San Diego. Why did they move from there in the first place?

BTW, the Clippers play a few games at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, and I think they usually sell out.

After seeing the Blazers play the Clippers the other night, I’m a big fan of LA’s “other” team… I haven’t seen such an exciting highlight reel in a long time. It’s sub-par teams like the Clippers that give our team a chance to go all out and play some Globe-Trotter style ball.

Hey… that reminds me… whats the name of the team that winds up following the globe trotters around and getting beat night after night? I knew this once…
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Whats a clipper?

I am me… accept it or not.

OK I get the Nets. Your from Jersey, youhave your team.

I’m STILL befuddled as to why the Clippers even EXIST as a franchise.

It sounds like they cant get fans. They are horrible year after year. They are overshadowed by the Lakers.

Is their owner a billionaire??? I mean there is no other way in HELL this team could have stayed in business over the past 15 years!!!

The Lakers are overrated. Shaq is overrated. All the points in the world aren’t goning to help that big baby win a ring unless he understands that basketball is a team sport. He should have been able to score 35 points a game in Orlando, but didn’t want to.

How could anyone with any knowlege of basketball think the Lakers could get past Portland, San Antonio, or Utah? The Clippers are an up and coming team that LA doesn’t deserve. Send them back to their real home, San Diego.

Sue, it’s Clipper as in a clipper ship. Made sense when they played in San Diego, but now makes as much sense as “Utah Jazz”.

The deal with the owner is that he just uses the team as a tax writeoff or something like that. No one in L.A. really cares.

As for them moving back to S.D. where they belong, I now hear that S.D. is getting an expansion team in a few years. Someone ought to buy that team and move them to Anaheim.

The Washington Generals.