LA County's has their priorities sorted

I weep for the future…or I guess it’s the present in LA.

Suggestions for replacement

Dominant and Submissive
Top and Bottom
Bush and Powell (sorry I couldn’t resist, or more accurate…)
Dick and George
(and just for LA county…)
Nitwits and Nitwits (let the stupid fucks there figure out which is which).

Evil Capitalist Overlord/Virtuous Proletariat Laborer

We’re talking Los Angeles, remember? The correct terms to use is “director/actor”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I though this thread was going to be about lap-dancing.

Utterly disappointed.

:trudges of in a state of bewilderment that any issue is considered more important than the basic human right of getting a decent lap-dance:

You’re obviously not in “The Biz”, else you’d know it’s “Producer/Director”… ‘at’s why there’s so much shite a-comin’ outta Hollywood.

As you might be aware, LA is dealing with that issue as well.

I heard about this on slashdot, and despite the link to Snopes found it hard to believe.

Are the terms “Primary” and “Secondary” out too? Are all devices required to have equal priority on the bus in LA? Parent processes allowed to kill their children anymore?

If anyone around here starts thinking these thoughts, I’m gonna suggest “Llama/Squid” settings. That outta slow 'em down a bit. :smiley: