LA County's has their priorities sorted

My very first pit…just for the heck of it.

The LA County’s Internal Sevices Department issued a memo recently to computer vendors dealing with LA County. In it, they requested/demanded all dealers relabel the computer hard drive terminology from ‘Master/Slave’ to something “more appropriate” and sensitive to the cultural diversity of LA County ???!!???

Snopes has the scoop.

Seriously, someone’s begging to get reprimanded, if not downright fired, for wasting time on this.


I disagree. That does not sound like a case of well-sorted priorities at all.

I can think of a few pairs, but they won’t be appreciated…

If I were a hardware supplier for them, I’d rename those drives ‘head’ and ‘ass’, and tell them to figure out for themselves which one went where.

This has been a public disservice announcement.

What a queer idea, though typical for such a niggardly council. Granted, we’re in a period of crippled economic growth, but they should pay less attention to the chinks in their P.C. armor and outlay more funds for restoring the burned hill slopes.

Lol, ok, the joke is on me. I actually sat here for a minute and tryed to figure out how “Burned hill slopes” was some sort of misconstrued possibly offensive slang.

It is.

No it’s not. Claremont and Santa Clarita (both in L.A. county) got hit pretty hard by the recent wildfires.

Of course, I was trying to be satirical…hmmf, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Well, I say it is offensive, dammit! It’s my neck of the woods and I know all about it!!

A lot of Vietnamese people lived in those hills. You are a cruel, cruel person.

Of course, all of this just proves the OP. What next? Forbidding garages from saying “master cylinder” if they’re under contract from the county?

So did I. But then, I’m naturally blonde, and therefore gullible. :smiley:

And we in the SFV are trying even harder to secede from LA…

I once took a basic video class and the teacher wouldn’t say “male end” or “female end”. It was, “Little boy end” and “little girl end” which to me actually sounded a little more perverted.

You’ve never worked for the government, have you?

What a bunch of asses.

Our tax money at work. :rolleyes:

My favorite part from the Snopes article:

So, because one hypersensitive mental midget who can’t even be bothered to find out the context in which the terms are used or why they’re even called that complains, and the entire LA County government alters to cater to his/her desires and demands, no matter how unreasonable or stupid.

Ahhh, government efficiency at work is such a lovely thing to behold… :wink:

My mind reels with possibilities:

Pimp/Ho Drives
Dominatrix/Supplicant Drives
Fucker/Fuckee Drives
God/Mortal Drives

I wonder when the whole “male/female connector” debate will come up.

I absolutely MUST remember not to be eating or drinking anything when reading the SD boards.
DO you know how uncomfortable it is to spurt Strawberry/Kiwi soda through your nose?


Serves you right for drinking that vile concoction… :stuck_out_tongue: