Californian's are amusing

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles officials have asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using the terms “master” and “slave” on computer equipment, saying such terms are unacceptable and offensive.

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What kind of sad life must you live to even dwell on this kind of nothing? If you don’t laugh along with me on this, please explain why not with a lot of detail so I can understand.
Look for lawsuits against the Matrix for having a character named the “Key Master” to follow this.


This is like, eighth time this has been posted on the SDMB. Freaking search before you post!

BTW, I’m glad that you’ve figured out that all 32 million Californians are amusing based on this retarded news story! At least in California we learn how to use apostrophes correctly.

You know what would be great? If people could be divided into two different types, one that gave orders, and one that unquestionably followed them under coercion. Then the ones who gave orders could make the ones that took orders not post things that have been posted ten time already.

Geez Kyla, switch to Decaf. What part of California is Chicago in?
Eternal…What are you trying to say? Are you flaming the OP or
the poor girl who thinks every newbie should read through each and every thread thats come before to see that the topic hasn’t been done? EVER??? Oh My.

Hey hey hey, don’t blame Northern Californians (like myself) for the buffonery that sums up Southern California!

I’m with Kyla here. We’re not talking about something that was posted a few months ago that would take a search. We’re talking about a story that was posted in several threads in the last couple of days. Why have threads at all? Let’s just all post OPs. :rolleyes:

Next, we have the fact that the OP posted an entire newspaper article in violation of the copywrite rule. His response to the article was two sentences long, the article was thirteen paragraphs long.

Finally, we have the thoroughly idiotic content of those two sentences where the OP takes a shot at a state with many millions of people over the actions of a couple of folks in L.A. (Governor Quinn isn’t much better trotting out that tired old NoCal/SoCal fight.)

To summarize, a waste of an OP with a poorly constructed take on a subject that has been well covered over the past week.


RyanV, familiarise yourself with both the term “fair use”, and our search engine. Although I’m amazed this is somehow an issue, after two years of membership here.