La Llorona has been banned. Why?

Well, I was just looking throught the thread entitled Creep Me Out With Your Closing Line… , and I noticed that La Llorona has been banned. I wonder why. Looking at his (visable) posts tells me nothing. Anyone care to tell?

P.S. Was it Janx tilts his tiny glass at Cecil…?

If you must know, it’s always better to email an administrator to ask.

Having said that, when a newer member gets banned for no apparent reason, it’s usually a sock.

I see. Thing is, I haven’t had the best history in receving responces from mods. Of the foru email I have sent out (about minor things only) I have only received one back. I do not know who is the best to ask questions of. Here hopping for the latest one.

Sometimes they get behind. Do you put “SDMB” in the title? Depending on your email, it may be going to the spam bucket. And sometimes they just miss it.

Those are just some of the possibilities.

No, I didn’t. I am going to resend the email to the same person, but this time with the words in the title, and also send it to one more person, which the notation that it is being sent out to another mod as well.

P.S. Damn it! I didn’t save the draft! Oh well, I will have to rewrite it.

I never got a chance to mention how much I loved the screen name. So I guess I shall do it now.

Sometimes it also takes a bit for admins to get back to you, when they do. I’d give it a week or so.

And, Scott, you might consider that most Mods are not online 24/7, and so you might give them more than three hours to respond to your emails before you start fretting about it.

Yes, it was a returning sock. We don’t allow discussions of such situations – these jerks thrive on being talked about. So, this thread is done.

Actually, it’s not a sock. La Llorana has been reinstated, with our apologies.

Accidents do happen. We especially regret that it happened in this case.

your humble TubaDiva

In the interest of accuracy, I’m the one who banned La Llorona. I made a well-reasoned but hasty call. I’m glad we could reinstate her.