LA Times closes its MB

My boss just sent me a clipping from Editor and Publisher, a newspaper industry trade journal, headlined “Are message boards going the way of the dodo or the dolt? Unruly posters may lead to nixing of community forums.” The article says the Los Angeles Times has shut down its message boards due to “outrageous violations of its guidelines” (see ). The Baltimore Sun ( ) “could be next,” the article says. A white supremacist, angered that his rantings had been deleted, “rallied other message-board posters, claiming his First Amendment rights were violated.” The guy was banned but snuck back in and posted the board admin’s home phone number and address.

We have not had problems this severe at the SDMB and by God we’re not going to. I post this mostly because of the accompanying note from my boss: “What we’re reading around the office.” 'Nuff said.

Hey! I’m no dodo!

Louie, I think that only leaves a dolt, then.

Sorry, Louie.

I hope this board doesn’t get so unruly that it has to be shutdown, I enjoy this place in cyberworld.


Say, Ed, why don’t you get Cecil to take over their message board?
Since no one can find him, problem solved!
(Also, you might swap for a regular column in a real newspaper)

Infoworld just closed down its message board as well. (Frankly, that one never did seem to rise above the basic name-calling level.)

Thank God for the ‘don’t be a jerk rule’ which ejects the jerks before they become overly invested stalkers.

Thank God for moderated boards which are so actively and conscientiously moderated that they tell the anything-goes, libertarian, first amendment idolaters that this ain’t their personal soap box so shut up and go to usenet or you’re next.

Translation: This MB’s doin’ a fine job.


You might think about using a more opaque material for your veils in the future, Ed. The sheerness of this latest one makes you look a bit of a tart.

Methinks the days of this board are numbered.

If not for outrageous behavior, then for lack of advertisers.

And what advertisers are interested in pitching to a group so overly interested in their own navels?
e.g.: It’s my 316th post! Yay for me! (More proof that instead of the light of day the only light I see the eerie blue glow of my monitor.)

As Bill Shatner once said: ‘Get A Life!’

I find fewer and fewer reasons to post to this or any board anymore mainly because of the navel contemplation. Some posters would be better off using the word processer functions of their computer, writing themselves a letter and mailing it off to themselves.

Either way it’s a catharsis.

Sorry for the rant; I just don’t see how anyone comes to rely on these boards in order to go on with their life.

Of course, there is one poster allowed navel contemplation, namely CheifScott.

You’d think that Superman would be a good person to invite to a barbecue but trust me, he’s not. I mean, sure he can cook the hot dogs fast with his heat vision, but they all taste of charred eye boogers.

moriah said:

As a Libertarian, I find that comment to be rude and down right mean.

I am looking to put a message board on my own site, which is a Libertarian site…as a Libertarian I will have rules to live by on my boards as well.

Just because one is a Libertarian does not mean that if I am in someone elses home or in this case The SD boards, I have free reign. I realize I am a guest and there are rules to live by. If I don’t agree with the rules, then I am more than happy to not be a part of that community.


Hey Ed,

I know this will not be a popular thing among the people. But, maybe a gentle reminder every few months of the rules (a page pops up before you can post to the boards).

Admittedly, I forgot all the rules, and not even sure if I know where to find them. But, this board has such a close-knit group that most of the people that create problems are weeded out.

I hope this site stays active and is around for a long time…I like it here!

Since Nicky brought it up, what’s with the lack of advertisers anyway? Is the Sales and Marketing department asleep or what?

Seems like the free internet services and the pay-to-surf companies have no shortage of reputable advertisers.

…things that make me go hmmmmm…

Yes, and I’m looking at one right now.

I’m with Ursa Major on this one. Ed, either shut the board up, or shut yourself up. Your threats demean yourself, your employers, and your readers.


Gentlemen certainly DO prefer blondes –
and with good reason!

Well, I didn’t hear any threats. Harvey, did you hear any threats?

Harvey says he didn’t hear any threats, either. Oh, what’s that, Harvey?
Harvey says that the SDMB is the most fun he’s ever had with his clothes on.

And that goes double for me. :slight_smile:

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” - the White Queen

24KaratGold, Ursa Major

The above was not a threat. This is a threat:

First warning. I remind you that you are guests here. The SDMB rules state that “refusal to cooperate with board moderators,” which I broadly construe to mean “mouthing off to me,” is grounds for revocation of your posting privileges. Sorry if I appear thin-skinned, but I’ve had it with people who waltz into a place of business and start insulting the help.

I’m also moving this thread to the Pit, which is the place for criticism of the SDMB administration.

OK Ed, I am a guest here. A guest at your whim and pleasure. I have been around since the AOL days, so don’t tell me I am waltzing into your place of business and criticizing the help without understanding the way the business is run. Of course, Ursa Major (Papa Bear) is a newbie, too, that no one likes or respects. Quit the shit Ed. Don’t make veiled threats and not expect to get called on them. And if your rule is I cannot mouth off to you:

then ban my ass now, because it ain’t gonna happen. When I see you being a jerk (like now) in direct violation of your own rule number one, I am going to call you on it.

Geez, I guess things have been too quiet around here since the latest banning controversy died, so now you have to start a new one. I wonder how many posters you will not need to ban, who will just give up and quit if you ban Ursa?

Of course, if you ban me no one will notice except the very old regs, who don’t seem to post here much.

“You can be smart or pleasant. For years I was smart.
I recommend pleasant.”
Elwood P. Dowd


First warning. See above. I said we were going to tighten things up around here, and I meant it.

Don’t go to any trouble on my behalf, Ed. I know where the door is.

[sitting back with feet up]

Ooo-whee, this looks like it could be fun.

[/sitting back with feet up]

You’d think that Superman would be a good person to invite to a barbecue but trust me, he’s not. I mean, sure he can cook the hot dogs fast with his heat vision, but they all taste of charred eye boogers.

I’m a little disappointed with some of the posts that have been by the by. What threat does anyone perceive in Ed’s OP? He passed on to us that the folks that pay for this site have been observant of industry comment that perhaps these MB’s are more trouble than they’re worth. Maybe the concept is not viable.

We’ve got a couple of long-timers bitching. Ursa, I don’t imagine you’ve really riled the admins, but what is your gripe? And PUNdit, you’ve been a light poster and your SO has gone into voluntary exile since the Melin banning - what’s your deal - you’re leaving anyway, so you want to see if you can fuck it up for the rest of us on the way out the door? Whoa! Big time respect for that act!

And the P.S. that apparently ticked off Ed is Goldie, who’s never contributed anything more than feeble attempts to be an irritant.