Lack of NY accents in Spider-Man Homecoming

I realize it is just a movie but I was wondering: is the lack of NY accents that we hear in Spider-Man Homecoming an accurate depiction of teenagers in Queens today?

I ask because not long ago I visited my relations in Arkansas. My grandfather’s generation (over 80) all had a twangy hillbilly accent, while my uncle pretty much sounds identical to Bill Clinton, and everyone under 30 … no noticeable accent at all. Or rather, they have the standard Midwestern American accent.

Kind of sad to see regional variations disappear. Is it happening in NY too?

Mrs. Gap and I visited her daughter in Brooklyn last year and I don’t recall hearing much in the way of New York accents like in old movies and TV shows. Did get a "Howya Doin’ " from a food delivery guy, but it was in a middle eastern accent though. Ah, the great melting pot that is America!

I am Queens-born and a returned Queens-resident. First, Queens is probably the greatest melting pot in America and possibly globally. The number of accents here is astounding. As for the Queens accent, which I have been told I have a bit, it’s really only Queens-born and bred residents whose parents are also likely long-term NYC residents. It’s also very working class and below. Lastly, it’s very white (though not exclusively).

Visit the right sections of the right neighborhoods and you’ll hear it. But overall, it’s really declined.

Which is basically Peter Parker to a T.

Yep. Peter would. Movie MJ may or may not. Vultures daughter…depends on where Mom is from, because Dad and all his henchmen probably would. Movie Ned probably not. My guess is that Peter’s HS would skew heavily Asian and you wouldn’t get as many NY accents in the HS, enough that Peter’s would stand out.

Though, in defense of Peter having a softer accent, wasn’t his father a scientist*? And maybe his mother wasn’t a Queens native. Before moving in with the more working-class Ben and May, Pete may have acclimatized a lighter NYC accent.

*I’m pretty sure Homecoming didn’t address that at all, so generally.

nearly forgot I started this thread. Thanks all for replying!