Ladies and Gentlemen, the stars have collided

…onto the same show. My two universes, chess and politics will tonight collide onto one New York sound stage. Stephen Colbert is interviewing Garry Kasparov on his new book, How Life Imitates Chess . [orgasm]

Did you see his interview on 60 Minutes? If not, I’m sure it’s on the web somewhere. He’s obviously a very cool guy but I don’t think anyone gives him a serious chance of becoming president.

Are you talking about Kasparov or Colbert? Both are cool guys running for President.

points Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Touche. I seriously fear for Kasparov’s life. I know he’s considered a hero in Russia but even heroes can be disappeared.

Putin: Never go up against a Russian when DEATH is on the line!!! Ahahahaha!!! Hahahaha!!! HahaTHUMP

Kasparov: I spent the last several years building up a tolerance to Polonium-210 powder.

Was that really necessary? Because I think it was. Kudos, sir.

this thread has been won.