Ladies - big veins..yay or nay?

I have ginormous veins in my arms and hands that are very visible when I’m either drunk or very hot. A lot of people seem to profess disgust with super visible veins, but to tell you the truth, I’m kind of proud of them.

So…what say you to prominent veins? Are they gross, or do you kind of like them?


Yummy. Especially in a technician.


In a technician? Can you explain that?

My girlfriend thinks mthey are hot…especially mine.

Girlfriends don’t count. They’re biased. Mine tells me the same thing and I’m not entirely sure she’d say that the 2 foot goiter I have growing out of my throat is unsexy.

Ummm…I thought I remembered you being a lab technician in an ER? So I was trying to throw in a joke. If I’m wrong, then it bombed entirely. Sorry.

Nonetheless, I do like big viens.


Veins over nicely shaped muscles are hot.

The only veins that kinda gross me out (in people of both sexes) are those thick bulgy neck veins some people have. Makes them look like their heads will explode any second.

uhhh…TECHNICIAN??? What an insult! I am a technologist, my fair lady! In any case, that is the first thought that ran through my head, but I didn’t know if you knew that about me or not. Sorry.

Wow! Technologists* with big viens are way hotter than mere technicians! I didn’t even think I was qualified** to talk with a technologist! :smiley:


*Please tell me you made this word up. If it is a real job title I’m going to have to bang my head against a wall.

**M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D., thankyouverymuch. But not a technologist :frowning:

I associate prominate veins with thin, wirey arms with well definded muscles.

Therefore, very hot.
Otherwise I think “He’d be a good junkie if he ever decided to go that way…”

Hahahaha! It’s totally a real word and there is a definite difference between a tecnician and a technologist.

Technician: Runs the analyzers but is not qualified to interpret the results that come off of it.

Technologist: Can run the analyzers, but mostly interprets results and makes sure the results are ok, that the machine is not lying.

This public service message brought to you by KrapKo. “At Krapko, we kare”

Well, consider my ignorance fought. If you care, I remember you from an excellent “don’t make routine bloodwork STAT, you morons” rant from a while back. Sorry about the hijack.


Also, you are overqualified to talk to a technolgist. I don’t think I’m qualified to talk to you. Therefore this post wil end…now.

My husband has big ones in his hands. I don’t mind them, but what really creeps me out, is those muscle guys with the huge veins poking out of their arms.


Seeing that I have rather prominent veins in my hands and feet myself I don’t feel I can find fault with out folks having them.

They don’t do much for me either way, though - they’re just there

Hands and feet…A-OK. Forehead, neck, upper arms, other weird places…not so much. I have the whole hand, wrist vein thing and I think that it actually makes my hands look a little manly (not the look I’m going for). Also, if they are prominent because you are a Fleshless Wonder (all your tendons and bones stick out too), have a hamburger and I’ll have to think about it.

I’m not a big fan, but I’m not likely to run away screaming either.

Yep, maybe it’s because I used to do blood draws in a hospital, but I do tend to admire nice, big veins on a guy’s arms and hands. :slight_smile:

I have 'em too, so it’d be silly of me to be grossed out by some guy’s veins.

On the contrary; I’ve noticed that when my guy’s been hitting the dumbells regularly, his veins stick out more. So that’s a plus - not the veins themselves, but what they indicate he’s been doing. Rrrowwrr…

I beg your pardon. Silly me, here I’ve been, fighting to gain weight all my life, if for nothing else but to avoid the occasional (unfounded) accusations of anorexia, and it turns out all I had to do was eat a single hamburger. Thank you, I suppose I should go try that. That McDonald, 'ee is a miracle worker, no?