Ladies, if you could only wear one make-up item, what would it be?

A while back, I read in one of those women’s magazines that they’d polled a bunch of women and asked them “If you could only wear one make-up item, what would it be?” Surprisingly (to me), a huge majority of the women said that if they had to choose, they couldn’t possibly leave the house without lipstick.

Being that I rarely wear lipstick at all, I can’t relate. For me, it’s mascara. My skin’s not too bad, so I can forgo any foundation or blush, and I rarely wear eyeshadow as it is…but I have light blue eyes, light eyelashes and light brows. I feel like my eyes disappear without mascara.

So, ladies…what’s your #1 “can’t leave the house without it” make-up essential?

eye liner/ eye brow pencil

that’s all i usually wear anyways… and limp balm

Tough one…my skin tone ain’t what it used to be, so I’d say foundation is a must. But so is everything else. I guess if I have to choose one, it would be a bag over my head!

Yuck, I almost never wear lipstick. I don’t like makeup much at all, although I do wear a little to work.

If I could only wear one thing, I’d go with bronzer. I’m REALLY pale, and since it’s winter right now, I look like a walking corpse. I have this bronzer stuff that’s kinda like blush, and it makes me look more like I’m one of the living.

I’d have to agree, it’d be mascara for me too. It’s the only make up I regularly wear. My eyelashes are auburn and my eyes are dark brown, so the mascara helps me look a bit more ‘balanced’ I guess. I have very pale skin, so blush and lipstick look weird on me, anyway.

limp balm?!?!?!?!

yeah. lots and lots of limp balm. the more limp blam the better, i say!

I would have to keep my foundation/powder combo. I need to to keep my skin from looking pale and blotchy.

Now, if I could throw in blush and lip balm I wouldn’t need anything else either…

Although I rarely wear make-up, I’d have to pick eye shadow. When I do wear make-up, I have the most fun with eye shadow.

I only wear lipstick on special occasions. This comes from the my highschool days when I had band practice first thing in the morning and I hated the sight of all the other girls’ clarinet and saxophone reeds with the lipstick marks on them.

My one choice though…hard to choose between black eyeliner or black mascara.
I’d probably have to say mascara though. It lasts on my eyes longer than eye liner does.

It’s occasionally the only makeup I do wear—but I will never go outdoors without it! There’s something calmingly Zen about applying lipstick, and it brightens up my whole face.

(Cover Girl’s Rose Quartz, in case you were looking for a birthday present for me this year . . .)

Augh, what a toss-up between eyeliner and powder!

Probably powder, now that I think about it. My eyes tend to disappear without the eyeliner, but no one’s going to look at my eyes if my skin is too shiny to see them!

Definitely mascara!! Even though I have brown eyes and dark lashes, my eyes disappear as well without it.

Either lipstick or eyeliner (since I’ve just started using it and am now enamored.)

Another vote for mascara. My eyelashes are two-tone: brown at the roots and pale at the ends. I need that mascara.

Mascara for me as well. Very light eyelashes and brows, really helps bring out the eyes.

I’d have to go with lipstick, because it’s the most versitle (sp?) of makeup.

I’ve got dark hair and eyes and pale skin, so I tend to look like a corpse. My blush usually wears off halfway through the day so I end up smearing a little lipstick on my cheeks, it works great. It can also double as eyeshadow depending on the shade if you’re really in a pinch.

Little powder and lipstick on the cheeks and lips and i’m good to go.

Lipstick would be the first thing I’d drop, since I hardly ever wear it. I just don’t feel comfortable with it on, like i’m playing dressup or something.

And lip balm does not count as makeup! :: gathers her collection around her possessively ::

I’d either have to pick my cake eyeliner or eyeshadow. Even though I wear glasses, I usually only wear eye makeup.

I would have to keep my lipstick (Clinique Black Violet). I’d feel naked without it. Since my eyes are so dark it “balances” my face to have darker lips too.

Lipstick, so much so that I wear the paint-on/8-hour kind. Maroon-y/ red shades. Without lip color, I look sick, washed out and tired----I have olive skin, dark eyes and hair, so I need my lips!

Another vote for mascara. And vaseline lip therapy definitely deosn’t count as makeup.