Ladies, in 1977 what size would you have been?

Heh. In 1977 this was my size. These days I think it would be no fun trying to guess my size (37-27-38) since I don’t line up in a nice line, pattern-wise.

I’ve noticed this too. And it sucks, because when you’re five-nothing and not quite a hundred pounds, you want your XS and size 0 clothing to actually be tiny. A few weeks ago I desperately needed some shorts, and the only place I could find something close to fitting was in the Girls’ department at a department store. Then, of course, they didn’t ring up as on sale, so the clerk had to go check the display, thus destroying my facade of having gone to the register in the junior’s department.

Also, in 1977, I was nine years away from being born. So I would’ve worn microscopic-sized clothing.

I totally couldn’t have worn anything in 1977. I’m 32.5-25-41. Yes, I have big hips. When I ordered a bridesmaid dress, the woman on the phone kept telling me I couldn’t order anything smaller than a 10 because I’ve got such big hips. Normally I wear a 6 or 8 in today’s sizes.