Anyone try Target's custom-made shirts or khakis?

Target has a sorta new thing where you can use their website to order custom made clothing items. You just fill out the forms with your measurements, and the stuff shows up 3-4 weeks later. Not very expensive either - $40 for khakis, $35 for women’s jeans.

Anyone try it?

Wow, that’s neat. When did this start? I adore Target, and I go there all the time, and have never seen it mentioned.

I just did a little clicky on it, and some of the options are amusing. You get to pick how big your butt is. :smiley:

I think it started last September. I keep putting off trying it, since custom fit doesn’t really go with “trying to lose weight”.

I haven’t done it, but a friend of mine ordered some custom jeans, and she absolutely adores them.

I haven’t as Target isn’t really my place to shop for clothes, but a self-professed oddly-shaped secretary in my office did. She says she’ll let me know when they arrive and, in turn, I’ll let you know what she says.

That’s really cool. I am hoping they expand the the product line. I kno I’d like custom shorts and tshirts as well.

Oooh, neat! I just ordered a pair of jeans. I’ll let you all know how it works out. I’m not getting my hopes up, because they didn’t ask for a hip measurement, and that is part of my body oddness. My waist is 32.5 inches (about a size 14) and my hips are 46 inches (about a size 18). Hopefully, selecting the largest booty size will help, but we’ll see.

I see that you can in fact return them by mail, which is pretty cool considering they’re custom made.

I can order a monogrammed shirt that says “fuk”

I have to get one for work. I’m going to tell everyone it is a new designer. Franc Unger Kessler