Those pants are WHAT SIZE?!?!

Before surgery, I wore a 22W or so, or a 2X. My surgery was 10 weeks ago.
I went to Ross today to find something to wear for tomorrow. Nothing fancy, but I didn’t want to wear sweats.

So I go in and try on a size 18 skirt/blouse set. I swam in it.
I tried on a size 16 dress, and it fit loosely.
I tried on a size 14 pants, and they fit and weren’t tight.


I ended up just buying a shirt, though.


I can’t believe you didn’t buy them just because. I would have seriously considered it!

It’s a great feeling isn’t it?

wow, i’m glad to hear things are going well.


they fit, but they didn’t look good. I don’t have the money to buy things “just because” at the moment.

Kick ass!

Post-weight loss shopping is always the best feeling.

WOW - that’s fantastic! Congrats!

All right! Way to go Opal!

Glad to hear you’re doing well!

WOW! that’s really cool! Congrats!

Opal, hon, I got some of those swishy kind, ya know, with the elastic waist, that fall away from the waistband, kinda like a skirt. I did that when I was upsizing, actually, but they look pretty and are not so fitting that they show everything. :wink:

P.S. Come borrow some of my stuff, now that we are the same size !!! :smiley:

That’s wonderful, Opalcat! Congratulations!

In your shoes, I think I’d go ‘shopping’ just to try things on and enjoy the thrill. :slight_smile: Doesn’t cost anything to try stuff on!

Great news, Opal. Shopping is hell when you loathe your body size. Nothing like having to go back for a smaller size, huh?


oh yeah!
way to go Opal!

Congrats! I hope to be doing the same in a couple more months!!

That’s awesome. Congrats.

How much have you lost?

I applaud you.

I saw Opal on Saturday. She looks like she’s half gone! She looks like a million bucks.

W00t! Congratulations Opal! Not too shabby, lady!