Ladies, what's the best beauty advice you've acquired over the years?

Time for a collection. What’s the most effective beauty advice you’ve come across over the years that has dramatically altered the way you do body-business?
It can be hair, skin, nails, anything you’ve come across that has made you say “Wow! That really works!”

For me, it was something somebody said in a thread here about curly hair. They suggested the site for some really great products for curly hair, and although they are a bit pricey I have to say they are every bit worth the money, especially the super-expensive deep treatment. I’ve never loved my hair so much after using this stuff regularly.

The other thing was a suggestion to take biotin supplements, pretty cheap at a drug store. My nails grow like crazy, and they are strong. Used to break off in the corners and I’d have to chop them all off after a couple weeks because it was that or they would snap off anyway, but this has really visibly improved the quality of my nails, to the point where I get compliments from strangers.

What about you? What beauty tips have you learned over the years that we can share here?

Re facial skin- use an alpha or beta-hydoxy acid-containing moisturizer, and your makeup will go on much smoother, making your skin look that much better.

Curl your eyelashes for maximum eye-poppiness.

Tweeze, shape, and color in your eyebrows- it really makes a big difference.
My mother’s thing was to never leave the house without earrings and lipstick, but I hardly ever wear either.

With skin stuff I go to a dermatologist, I had pretty bad acne so I use a variety of prescription meds for that, but the best thing I have ever used is Retin-A Micro. That stuff makes your skin fabulous, whether you have acne or wrinkles or whatever. It speeds the regeneration of skin cells and increases collagen production, and helps heal sun damage. It’s great, mix it with a moisturizer and slather it on at night and in the morning your skin feels tight and awesome. Of course prescriptions aren’t always an option for some, but I like it a lot.

Yeah, I worked in dermatology for many years. Right now I’m using Tretinoin every day and have enough stocked up to last a looong time- freebies are awesome!

Hey, you might even have gotten that Biotin tip from me!

Best beauty advice I ever got was to eat a healthy diet, avoid excessive sunlight, drink alcohol only infrequently, and stay away from recreational drugs. Because if you take care of yourself you’ll usually keep your looks longer.

Well, yeah, but where’s the fun in that?

Always use a shampoo for dry hair, even if your hair is not dry. It really does make it smoother and more manageable.

Stay far, far away from the tanning bed. My mother is the oldest of five siblings, but her skin looks the youngest, because the younger ones were all sun worshippers.

Annie, I very well may have gotten the biotin tip here as well. I learn a lot from this place! It’s really great stuff, I’m glad you’ve stocked up the same way I have. My copay on it is about $41.50 for 3 bottles so even when I don’t need it, I buy it anyway. I have about 8 bottles of 0.1% Retin-A Micro in my medicine cabinet. I’ll hoard that stuff most of my life, I’m betting.

Annie, pfft, I meant Alice.

The two I use regularly:

  • Pluck your eyebrows right out of the shower, because that’s when your pores are really open and the hair will just slide right out.

  • When filing your nails, don’t saw back and forth with the file. That weakens them; file in one direction.

A couple:

  1. Don’t comb curly hair! My mother has straight hair, so she always taught me to comb my hair. I think I was in college before I read some tip in a magazine about never combing curly hair (detangle it in the shower when you put in conditioner). Wow, suddenly I have nice curls instead of a poofy mess.

  2. Don’t shampoo frequently and especially don’t use sulfates. I had a lifelong problem with my hair matting at the nape of my neck. My hairstylist said that it was something that just happened to long, curly hair. I cut down my shampooing to once per week, and switched to a sulfate-free shampoo, and my dry, matted hair and split ends disappeared.

  3. Retinol. It really does work miracles.

Pyper, I have very curly hair too, but I’ve always heard don’t ever brush it, not comb. I personally use a wide-toothed comb that I only use when my hair is wet and well conditioned, and that seems to separate the curls nicely.

Stay out of the sun, and use sunblocking moisturizer daily – that’s the biggest one.

No soap on my face – soap free cleansers occasionally, but mostly I just splash with water (I don’t wear makeup).

Wash your hair less – I usually only shampoo it once a week. Since my hair is coarse and dry, this helps a lot.

I’ll be the lone dissenter, and say that I’ve found washing my hair more is better for me (better for the dandruff and all that).

In terms of products, the bare escuntels (sp?) mineral powder for foundation is awesome, and basically my holy grail of foundations.

Water, water, water. I can always tell when I am not drinking enough because I break out. If I drink plenty of water, my skin is amazing.

I was going to say similar - especially “loose five pounds when they show up - don’t wait for it to be fifteen - or fifty.”

One that is coming in handy now “age gracefully - you can slow it down, but you can’t stop it and you start looking ridiculous if you try too hard.”

And things like “stand up straight, like yourself, project confidence.” Some of the most attractive people I know aren’t ‘typically pretty’ - but their attitude carries them a LONG way.

  1. Wear sunscreen every single day of your life. Use more of it than you think you need (don’t skimp).

  2. Hair care: Seconding Pyper,stop using shampoos that have sulfates in them (which is most of them, even high-end ones). Shampoo your hair less frequently – if you wash your hair every day, make it every other day, and so forth. Don’t use products that have silicones (dimethicone, anything -cone) in them because they build up if you don’t have sulfates to strip them away (which you shouldn’t!). Follow this advice and your hair will bless you. :slight_smile: Before 4 years ago, I washed my hair every day with sulfate-d shampoo and it was coarse, dull, frizzy, and broke all the time. I thought that was just the way my hair was. Then 3-4 years ago, I switched to sulfate-free shampoo (I use Burt’s Bees, but there are other brands out there), and wash 2-3 times a week. Now, when I get my haircut, my stylist always compliments me on how shiny and healthy my hair is – she’s even had other stylists come over and feel my hair, because it’s so soft and healthy.

Learn to love and accept yourself. That will shine through for a lifetime!

100% yes. Dermatologists can really help. Wrinkles aren’t what makes skin look older, it’s discoloration. There are a lot of treatments the dermatologist can do for you that can make you look years younger without surgery.

Also, SPF 30+ on your face every single day.

Whenever you apply moisturizer or take make-up off under your eyes, pull from the outside to the inside. The skin there is very delicate and fragile, and pulling it out stretches it. I learned this very young and I’ve been doing it for decades now, and I have no under eye wrinkles at 43.