Ladies, what's the "hot" gift this year?

As usual with two weeks to go, I’ve knocked the “must haves” off my wife’s Christmas list this year. But each year I like to surprise her with a little something that’s not been asked for, needed or expected. I’m in a quandry as to what to get her this year.

She’s 40 going on 35. Young at heart. Definitely not a “girly-girl.”

Is there something out there this year that’s a “must have?”


A new Lexus?

I loved my gift 2 years ago - an iPod. It was something I wanted, but a surprise none the less - I am so hooked on it now.

Besides a Wii?

Or a copy of Forbidden Lego?

Or a USB Missile Launcher?

Ya gotta think outside the Bath & Bodyworks box here, is the thing.

Suggesteth Boscibo, “A Lexus?”

I love her, but not that much. Maybe $50-75 worth…

Posteth Zebra, “blah, blah, blah…”

Yup. That’s what I heard.

It’s because Zebra forgot the :eek: :eek:

A boat and motor is always good.

My boyfriend came out of the blue and got me a moped. I’m delighted!

A boat and motor or moped are great ideas, guys! Any idea where I can pick up a few for $50 to $75?!!

A puppy. Christmas isn’t Christmas unless there’s something alive under the tree.


Wouldn’t the OP get more out of a motorboat?

Why didn’t I think of that?

No dogs! She’s got three pain in the ass cats.
What’s with the motorboat infatuation?

BTW, I was attempting humor in my previous post and upon re-reading is seems I achieved sardonicism. My apologies.

But seriously, is there anything out there that’s the equvilant of “Hannah Montana gear” for a lady? (Hannah Montana stuff being the hot items for tween girls this year.)

Female, 45.

The hot gift for me is good Scotch and chocolate. Oddly, it’s also the must-have gift for my husband.


The new Tickle Me Elmo. The one where it’s a secret what he’s doing. (They actually blocked it with the scrambler thingy in the ad I saw for it.)

Wow, I’ve never seen a page of items where every single price has the decimal one place further to the right than should be.

I’d go two places farther to the right! And, from what I remember from sixth grade sex education class (the one where the boys go to one room and the girls to another), Rule 12: NEVER buy shoes for a woman. Right after: what a condom is. Right before: How to properly answer “Do I look fat in this?”

That’s awesome! Not for my wife, but my daughter’s boyfriend gets Legos every year. (And yes, he is over 10 :slight_smile: )

A nice pashmina is a good christmas gift. It’s luxurious and a bit exotic on a small scale, if you stick with something simple like black you can’t miss, if you want to get crazy and make a statement you certainly can.