Lady dopers- your bras not giving you adequate support check in here!

Get your support right here!

Wow. Even more expensive and uncomfortable-looking than the average bra. Thanks, Astro!

FWIW, I’ve been told by female SCA fighters that you really don’t want separate cups on armor you’re going to fighting in–a one-piece breastplate is more likely to let blows just glance off, but separate cups can catch the impact and have lots of energy transferred to delicate chestal areas.

OTOH, on the “armor for display purposes only” topic, I once made a chainmail bikini top for a friend of mine. I deliberately made it a few links too small, so it ended up giving her cleavage where there was none before. She was very pleased.

It gets better, though-- it’s just as ugly as a minimizer bra!

It sure ain’t giving you a nice silhouette under a t-shirt.

(I never got the chain mail thing - one, its cold - there was nothing quite like the screams coming from the chain mail shop at the MN RenFaire on a frosty September morn. For another thing, they pinch. There are parts of my body I really don’t want pinched - most of them, pretty much - but topping that list are anywhere a chain mail bikini touches.)

Which is why you line them with something like velvet or rabbit fur.

Or, if you’re already amply endowed, a small silk triangle will work in a pinch. Or, uh, not pinch, as the case may be. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, not to be a downer, but most of those leather bra style tops don’t provide support for shit. They’re almost never adjustable enough around the chest, which is were a bra’s support really comes from. The hard cups are just, well, hard. Bruised nipples do not support make.

They still are not comfortable…few bras are, but chainmail is not comfortable. Velvet doesn’t lay flat in any sort of flattering way and still pinches, and rabbit fur is horrid.

(Yes, I’ve done my share of giving this a try - this isn’t the voice of inexperience - this is the voice of having giving it the old college try (which was a bit ago, but chain mail technology hasn’t exactly changed much since I was in college) and saying "I don’t get this).

You may have had lousy chainmail, too. Or you may be shaped extra pointy or extra wide-set or something. It definitely needs to be, if not made to order, made and fitted by someone who knows what breasts are actually shaped like (and you don’t learn that from studying bras!) I find well made chainmail very comfortable (but I do carry a parasol when in direct sunlight! A mailleburn is no fun!), but then again, I adore corsets and really tight bodices and underwire molded cup bras, as well. I loves me some firm support!

Being a guy, I’ll have to take your word for it, but this may be one of those MMV situations. I met a few women who loooooved the velvet and rabbit fur.