Lady, if you keep sending me these E-cards, I'M GOING POSTAL!

ah, so that’s what post-eaten-by-hamsters looks like. I always wondered :slight_smile:

a r g h. OK, take 2…

There’s this lady at work who sends me E-cards daily from They’re usually stupid pictures of animals with her own typed-in caption. One time she sent me a pic of a tiger yawning, and her words “That’s me every morning! WHERE’S MY COFFEE???”

Today she sent me a pic of these three Ethiopian meerkats standing around with the caption “WASSUP???” Oh not much, I’m just languishing in E-card hellllll…

I think I’ll send her an E-card of this pic from and tell her “I’m so busy to day they got my BALLS TO THE WALL!!!” But that would probably encourage her.

[sub]pressing Submit, crossing fingers[/sub]

Holy sh*t! Talking meerkats!

[sub]awfuck…I forgot this was the pit…disregard that asterisk up there please.

shit, I just know I’m gonna get pitted over this.[/sub]


You got balls!

Link is not work safe.

My cousin used to do this.

The delete key is your friend.

“did you get it?”
“yup, thanks.”

So that’s what Gabriel Garcia Marquez was talking about when he described the men sittin’ 'round fanning their balls in Love in the Time of Cholera.

OMg, I looked at that pic! ZEE GOGGLES!! ZEY DO NA-TING!!

Knowed Out, how bad would it be for you to offend this woman? Because I clearly remember an anecdote posted here a few months ago, about someone who was the unwilling recipient of a blizzard of Friend’s Cute Kid(s) e-mail attachments.

Poster X (I forget who it was) finally started deleting them unopened. Friend began to suspect that this was happening, and instead of…oh, I don’t know…questioning whether everyone on earth really wanted or needed to see 1,000,000,000 photos of hir kids, sent Poster X an e-mail with attachments of something other than kids. I think they might have been photos of Michael Jackson, which really makes me wonder how Friend’s synapses fire.

Anyway, Friend followed this up with a phone call or unadorned e-mail. When Poster X praised the photos and their subjects, under the assumption that they had documented the Cute Kids, Friend snapped out a bitter retort and cut off communication. I’m not sure if this was ever resolved, but I think I remember Poster X expressing deep regret: except for the proud-parent fixation, this had been a worthwhile friendship.

Anyway, I suggest telling the Mad E-mailer in simple terms that you simply do not have time to open all these attachments. I’d also remind her about the possibility of virii, and ask her if she wouldn’t feel just terrible if she passed a virus on to you?..Well?

One of these days, I AM going to know better than to click on ANY link to an image from that site.


Rilchiam, how can I explain this, it’s like the unknown appeal of car wrecks that draws observers like moths to flame. I can’t just simply delete it. I have to open it up and see how stupid it’s going to be.

Today she sent me one of a lion. Her caption:

Yes, she really uses that many exclamation points.

She really is a sweetheart, so I doubt I’ll sent her the elephantiasis pic, but you never how the madness will overtake me…

Knowed Out, it’s obvious that this woman really likes you and wants to have your babies.

But for the love of OG – and the gene pool – please don’t do it!

Disregard if you are not a penis owner.

Hmmm, maybe she does and wants to get that salt & pepper thang going. Our babies would be mulatto Hagar the Horrible lookalikes though, and I don’t think the world is ready for that.