Lake Baikal

What are some good websites (or books) to get information about Lake Baikal? I mean more than just the general info (it is this deep and this long…). I’ve already gone to the Internation Lake Committee’s website.

What specificaly are you looking for? I froze my butt off in Lake Baikal in August 1995, and know a couple of other people who have been there…but unfortunately gave the book to my dad in NY, and it’s in Russian so he can’t read it (although it does have some really neat pictures).

Are you planning a trip there, or just looking for general info? If the former, please check out the solar telescope and the marine museum, and if you can, see if you can get someone to take you out on a non-motorized boat so you don’t scare away the wildlife. They told my group in the marine museum that there are 4,000 species in the lake that don’t exist anywhere else, including freshwater seals, but the stupid motorboat scared them all way.

Unfortunately, no trip is planned (yet). I read a little about it in my geography calss, and now I’m really interested in this lake, and trying to find out everything I can about it.

National Geographic Magazine had a great article on Lake Baikal in their June 1992 issue. Your local library should have it. Meanwhile, you can see some of the pictures at the photographer’s web site: