Lake Superior supplies groundwater to Illinois?

I have a BIL, who built his mcmansion about 40 miles SW of Chicago. He claims that his well driller put in a well that taps into Lake SUperior. The well is about 200 ft deep.

We were discussing his use of water during the drought. He said that he uses as much water as he wants and ignores the call for conservation because 1) he has a private well and its his do with as he pleases and 2) his usage is not affecting the local drought because he’s pulling water from Lake Superior.

The only thing I could think of to say, is that his water must be very cold when it comes out of the tap!

I think he’s mistaken, he and his driller are relying on the assumption that since Lake SUperior is the deepest lake and he drilled his well so deep that the two must meet within an aquifer underneath Monee, Illinois?

So Geologists, is my BIL misinformed?

I’m no geologist but I think if he pulls your leg any more you’re going to need longer pants. Whether or not deep aquifers feed the lakes nearest them is one for the geologists. If true, then he might make a shaky claim to take water from Lake Michigan. Why such a deep aquifer would be associated with such a lake so far away doesn’t seem credible.

Your friend claims his water comes from lake Superior. Does he also claim that it does not come from lake Michigan? This map of Illinois’ major bedrock aquifers within 300 feet of the surface, depicts a direct connection between wells southwest of Chicago and lake Michigan.
-Source site of map

Contrary to popular myth, the well water from Wisconsin and Illinois does NOT come from Lake Superior.

The first page of this PDF file spells it out nicely.

Bedrock aquifers of the Great lakes Basin