Lakeview or Lake View?

If Cecil ever decides to train his laser-like focus on another Chicago-based issue, perhaps he can get to the bottom of this mystery: what is the proper name of the north side neighborhood - is it Lakeview (one word) or Lake View (two words)?

My own research has returned decidedly mixed messages. The official Chicago Community Areas list of 77 regions, as hosted at, uses the two-word appellation. As does the local High School, and the appropriate listing at the important sounding “Encyclopedia of Chicago.”

However, the chamber of commerce, who should know what they’re talking about, uses the non-spaced “Lakeview.” Also, an informal poll at a North-Side based Facebook group returned a unanimous and vehement insistence that it is Lakeview. Local alderman Tom Tunney, on his website, seems to go both ways (no pun intended). And Wikipedia, perhaps not surprising, also shows signs of confusion on the issue.

Does anyone have any definitive information on this topic? Cecil, please enlighten us!!

Not that I’m an expert with my whopping two years in Chicago, but I’ve heard Lake View is correct.

This cite would seem to back that up

Dale, I saw that article on line today, and it is what prompted my question in the first place!

When I moved here in the 80s, my first phone number was broken down old style on the paperwork. It said 312 (Chicago’s sole area code back then) 525 (LAKe View) and the last 4 digits. I’ve seen it as one word for the last 30 years, aside from that paperwork.

I just looked at the Chicago Tribune archives, and in 1861, before it was absorbed into Chicago, it was Lake View.

Later editions of the paper, but still in the 1800s, still refer to Lake View.

My great-grandparents and grandparents lived there starting in 1905 or so. I always enjoyed driving in from the suburbs to see them and my aunts and uncles.

The first question is what would be considered a definitive source. Chicago neighborhoods have neither official names nor boundaries.

As for the outlying town that was annexed to Chicago in 1889, it was two words. Here’s the official seal.

For most of my life, I believed that neighborhood boundaries more or less corresponded to postal Zip Code boundaries. But in the last couple of decades, certain people (mainly real estate agents, I think) have invented new neighborhoods and grown the boundaries of old neighborhoods. But in any case, the US Postal Service refers to the 60613 post office as “Lakeview.” Note that the map on the USPS web siteshows “Lake View High School” two blocks west of the “Lakeview” Post Office.

Here is a photograph of the Lakeview Post Office. Click on the picture to enlarge it, then look at the brick wall to the left of the center of the doorway. It has Lakeview Station carved into it. It’s harder to see, but the right door also has Lakeview written on it.

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