Lamb (Icelandic suspense movie)

Has anyone here seen it, and what did you think?

Where is it available and do you think it’s watchable?\

So I guess the answer is “no” but I’m willing to take a look.

It looks very interesting to me, but if there is any harm done to the lamb, I’m out.

Can someone take one for the team and report back?


I saw it yesterday, but was underwhelmed. 6 out of 10. The main plot, even the part with the titular lamb, was too detached from the horror part to make an effective horror film. And as a simple drama it just wasn’t that dramatic.

ETA: By comparison, I really like (in a “that’s horrifying!” way) films like Witch, Midsommar, Hereditary, The Lighthouse, and It Comes at Night. Films I imagine this one on some level was trying to be like, where the horror may have its origins in the supernatural, or it may be purely natural, and it may be external to the characters or it may end up being a product of their minds. But in the end, the outcome is sufficiently horrific as to not matter.

With Lamb, I just didn’t care. The stakes were so… meh. The natural and the supernatural both were so underwhelming as to just leave me with a kind of shrug at the end.

I’ve been suckered by those A24 studios horror films before that try to artsy by labeling themselves “psychological horror” then do the “was it real, or just in their minds” cop-out. Didn’t want to go through that again so I read the plot summary for Lamb. No spoilers but it seemed rather underwhelming and I’m glad I spent 3 minutes reading the story rather watching it slowly unravel over 90 minutes.

In movie theaters.

It was fine, but I expected more. It’s about two hours and 20-30 minutes of that is just spent watching nothing happening, so it dragged a lot. Once the baby lamb creature appears the film picks up but it’s still a bit meh.

Eta: looking it up, the film was actually only 1 hour, 47 so wow those slow parts moved sloooow, that I thought it was 2 hours+.

Having seen the movie, I think you are justified in coming to that conclusion. I can’t even say I’d recommend skipping this one and saving it for streaming. Unless you want something to fall asleep to.

ETA: I’d even go so far as to say 2019’s The Assistant (which is NOT a horror film, never mind the highly misleading trailer) is a much better horror film (which, again, it definitively isn’t) than Lamb. I actually would recommend The Assistant if one is interested in watching a film about the psychological elements and the power dynamics that may go into a toxic workplace leading into sexual harassment and gender exploitation.

No thanks - as a woman I’ve had to much direct experience of that sort of thing to want to watch a movie about it.

Not that I’ve had it that bad, personally - but even what relatively mild amounts I’ve had of that makes me not want to spend my entertainment time on it.

I tried to watch “The Lighthouse” and found it so boring, I shut it off after about 15 minutes.

Then stay well clear of Lamb.