lame "initiation" threads

Yeah, I’ll get the goat, some other fucking dickwipe will bring the vaseline.

OK, it’s moderately funny, for a short time, but these threads seem to have spawned a subculture who are so obsessive as to drag them out for months, repeating the same tired jokes. Everytime some innocent new person posts, there is the tired “ooh, a new person to be initiated” “Where did I leave my vegetable oil?” blah blah blah.

Note: I find that funny, really I do. For about 5 or 6 posts. It is not funny 3 months later when the same 5 or 6 idiots are still carrying on. We have rules against post party and game threads, but these unfunny private parties amongst less than a dozen idiots must eat up more hamster time than any “it’s my 2000th post” thread.

There is currently one “i’m new here” post which has almost 1000 replies, with less than 10 regular contributors. I’ll get grilled for this, and someone will offer to bring in a goat to do the grilling, but so be it. I suspect there are a few people interested in wiping out stupid initiation threads once they reach the 19th page or so.

I think you have a point. I don’t read these threads myself, but if the one you’re referring to has less than 10 regular contributors, seems to me that would be a party thread. Which I thought wasn’t allowed nowadays.

Is there an example? A link maybe?

I don’t read them either anymore, but holy fuck get the stick out of your asses (Not you Lib)! Let people be. If they are having fun so be it. They P2P just like you. Who the fuck are you to dictate what they post. I prefer their harmless fun to your mean spirited wining. STFU you miserable bastard.

This be it.

I managed to open it for linking without actually reading anything beyond the first few lines of the OP, but I’m pretty sure it’s what tipped zuma over the edge.

I see where you are coming from with your post. On the other hand, the OP is sort of like the person that is brave enough to be the one to tell someone that they have pissed themselves and not realized it.

Point of clarification – you’re saying Lib should leave his stick in his ass?

zuma is correct, in my opinion. A game thread by any other name is still a game thread. They waste resources and they dilute the mission of this place. There are plenty of places on the Web to do that shit and this shouldn’t be one of them. That’s just my opinion though and I’m not going to crap all over someone else’s fun, such that it is, in their thread.

zuma, did you report the thread to the moderators?


For the record, Costner sat in front.

Initiation threads aren’t too bad, especially if they give a newbee a chance to see if they might fit in. The thread linked though is the sort of thing that often gets closed by a mod for having become a chat room.

You know what I mean, you silly twickster. I hope Lib does to. :slight_smile: Now where is that goat. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you are crapping all over our fun. Not that we really care.

People have no sense of fun. You want anger, stay in the Pit. Debates? Go there. Those are the places for seriousness. We’re in MPSIMS, which is supposed to be silly.

Sheesh. Damn spoilsports. Whining: “I don’t like something, so let’s ruin it for everybody. Wah, wah, wah.” :rolleyes:

Shit wanna talk waste of resources, how about all those hundreds of threads posted by Wesley, Lobsang and Tucker. Now those get annoying, thread after inane thread taking up all the realestate on the front pages as opposed to a single thread that contains all the silliness to a single thread. Just search the threads started by those guys there are hundreds and hundreds alond the lines of “I wonder if the peanuts in my shit still taste like peanuts”.

Yet there are poker threads, game threads, etc. all over the place in MPSIMS. I’m not seeing a problem here.

What’s funny about that thread is that it only had three replies when it was initially posted back in October of 2002. The OP bumped it a few weeks ago to announce a name change and it went from there.

I am not sure if that is true. In a Pit thread, he weighed in with his opinion on those threads. I am not sure how this is spoiling your fun. Now if, on the other hand, he is posting in those threads and calling them stupid we could say that he is shitting on the tread. Is he? I admit ignorance on that front as I do choose to not read those threads.

By the way, I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but you have pissed yourself and may want to go home and change your pants.

Correctly noted and well said but that’s a rant for a different thread.


I don’t mind that much as long as they keep the bullshit in MPSIMS. When they start bring the care bears and sunshine love into the pit is when it gets repulsive. I never go into MPSIMS (unless there is a thread I’ve started in there) because I hate shit like that. I really hardly ever go anywhere except the pit.

My Bosda thread yesterday started sounding like a MPSIMS circle jerk, so I had it closed. Keep it in MPSIMS where it belongs and I don’t care if they spout off with the {{{hug}}}s, love connection picture threads, or a haiku about hemorrhoids all day long.

What the fuck are you talking about? Good god, you are clueless.

Show me one post I made in that thread where I ruined anything. I gave my opinion in a Pit thread where, as you said, is for anger, not that I’m particularly angry.

Shit, you’re so idiotic that you don’t even understand what you wrote a few seconds ago.


Well…I still have some deergoat from the LOTR party at Lobsang’s place. Getting kinda chewy though.