Lames und Genellumen's: Mister John Prine

I love you, John!

Thanks for all the great ones. Especially “Sam Stone”!


Thanks, that was wonderful.

Not bad. But I’m a little bit with the person who commented:

"Sounds like bunch of cheap white trash lyrics sung by a drunkard who has a hangover 24/7 ".

I was a huuuuuuge fan of JP when his first album came out 30+ years ago, but unfortunately, that was the pinnacle of his song writing/singing career.

OMG! My husband and I call this song “Our Song.” We had been dating for about a month when he told me he had a song he just had to play for me. We were actually thinking about having this song play as we cut the cake. Alas, the DJ didn’t have it.

But we love this song. He plays guitar, and every now and then we get together and sing this song together. It’s so us.

Its pretty hard to say that when he was winning Grammys long after that. I would agree that John Prine was his best album, but then, its one of the best albums ever made, with almost every song on it having been covered many times over and which are now staples in many artistssetlists. But hes written great stuff since then. A lot of it. Try The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness, which is as good as his early work. So is Blue Umbrella, Christmas in Prison, and many others.

I think my wife and I own everything he’s put out, and it is all highly listenable. Had the Inspite of Ourselves duets on in the car the other day, and tho lighter weight, definitely enjoyable. And the other day my wife was singing to herself Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian.

Plenty of good stuff out there.

First thought I had when I first heard “Sam Stone”, was “Bob Dylan???” Definitely way off base on that one!

Uh, it’s supposed to. It’s a character piece, and meant to be funny.

I’ve seen Mr. Prine live several times, and interviewed Iris Dement. That’s a great little video, and one of my favorite Prine songs. Favorite probly has to be Angel from Montgomery.