Lamest mod warnings - a running thread

Perhaps this will only entertain me, but what the hell. This thread is intended to be used to collect the most pearl-clutching and capricious mod warnings across the Dope. Pretty sure this fits within the rules of the Pit, though it’s not intended to be an excuse to flame the mods.

Today I received this one for quite the mild language.

Anyone have anything better?

This doesn’t end well, Moggle.

Well, someone needs to get in the smartass comment that this may become a self-referential thread, before it’s closed…

Least appropriate username ever.

Edit: this comes off at as a reply to ekedolphin, was supposed to be aimed as a general reply to thread, (and thus Omniscient).

Conceding mens rea?

So egregious a slur as Smug alarmist. :fireworks:

Try harder.

There have been examples of flagrant violations of the rule not to pit moderator actions got a full on Warning instead of the not-Warning.

So good luck.

Know more.

Relevance? Or are you just being a dick because you can in the pit?

Sounds about right. Are you entertained yet?

I’m continuing the joke about your name & this thread. You really don’t know that you can’t do this after 22 years here?

Thoroughly. Reminder how completely useless this forum actually is. Apparently attacking the OP passes for wit in these parts. Lameness seems to be an epidemic.

Ironic, considering the thread we’re in.

According to Alanis, failure to heed good advice is also ironic.

You can’t Pit moderator actions. Closed.