Lamest rant EVER! (re: Modern Marvels)

Dear Modern Marvels,

Get someone who knows how to use a fucking crescent wrench for your opening titles!

Just to make sure I’m not missing something… The flaw in their technique is that the bolt head is not firmly seated at the back of the jaw, no?

I only say this because I recalled some distant memory of which direction a monkey wrench or Ford wrench is supposed to be turned, to put stress on either the fixed jaw or the moveable jaw (I forget which). But then I realized that for the angled head of a Crescent wrench to be of any use in a tight spot, you would be alternating sides of the wrench anyway.

Mmmm… I lurves me some pork rinds!

That would be my take on it.

I’m almost worked up about this. By almost I mean not at all. And by worked up I mean care.

But congratulations on the effort. I don’t know if it’s the lamest rant ever, but it’s gotta be a contender.

Probably better off pitting pork rinds.

Firmly seated? The fucking nut is right about to fall out of the wrench. I don’t think the monkey they had holding the wrench in this case qualifies as a homo sapiens, as that pretty much defines one as a tool user.

It’s so annoying, because this stupidity is at the beginning of every episode AND when they cam back from every commercial break. It really rankles, and has been like that for the entire run of the series.

Yeah! And what’s up with that Snuggie commercial where the woman is allegedly “knitting” but really just looping yarn around at random. Makes me mad as hornets, I tell ya!

So they screwed up depicting the crescent? That really torqued you off, I see. It must have been wrenching.

It’s not my turn to get my knockers in a twist,…I’d hate to hex your rant. Hang tight, I gotta bolt.

Your turn to be a nut in this thread I see.

It’s so lame, in fact, that I’m moving it to Cafe Society.


It’s not a nut, it’s a bolt head. And while it has the appearance of sloppy use of the wrench, unless and until the wrench actually leaves the bolt, or at least loses contact with the flats (which doesn’t occur in the bit shown), there’s nothing improper or non-functional about how the wrench is being used.

Lame rant indeed.

I’ve also edited the title to make the subject matter clearer.

It’s just a stylized video for the opening of the show. I don’t think they are really tightening down bolts on an aircraft (or something similar).