Laminated Pergo

Why do different types of laminated purgo cost different amounts? What is the difference between them?

There are other types of laminate besides Pergo. I am only familiar with Dupont, which I have all over my place. Dupont and Pergo are among the pricier brands. They have decades-long warranties and are resistant to scratches and spills. I assume that some of the lower priced or other brands wouldn’t hold up as well.
It also depends on where you buy them.

There are different collections. The cheaper ones are going to be at your HD or Lowes as they are considered more popular and therefore sell more. However, if you look at the brochure you can see that they have many wood patterns and colors. The special order ones will cost more because of that. I special ordered from Lowes and it did cost slightly more than the in-store ones. I never brought it in to see if there was a measurable difference in quality but I doubt it if there was.

Also, there are different grades of them and how long the warranty is on them. Some are ten year, some are fifteen, there maybe be a lifetime one.