Lance Reddick has died

Story here:

I liked his genre work (never saw The Wire), and especially his voice acting, such as in the Horizon franchise

Holy smokes, I didn’t even know he was sick.

He was a fantastic actor.

It was sudden, apparently.

Just read this in the NY Times. I was sorry to see it. His was one of my favorite characters in The Wire. Smooth and classy to the bone, I will miss his performances.

Kind of a shocker. He was always solid, although he seemed to get typecast a lot as the hard-ass cop lieutenant/captain.

Oh my god. What an incredible tragedy. Terrific actor. RIP. And he had a great sense of humor about himself:

He was also a lot of fun to watch in Bosch.

His characters might have been typecast, but he also played voices in The Legend of Vox Machina and the Horizon (Zero Dawn / Forbidden West) games. He was great there, too.

He was excellent in “Fringe”. That is mainly what I know him from.


I didn’t know his work until the recent Resident Evil reboot. Now, IMHO, that show was a disaster, but he was amazing. He showed great range, playing a series of clones, each one a completely different personality, just incredible.

I know we’re not entitled to details, but “natural causes” covers a lot of territory. When people my age die, I have an almost overwhelming desire to know from what.

Given that, I liked him in Bosch, too.

Yes, I remember him from Fringe as well.


At this point, I would assume that means no obvious signs of homicide, suicide or accidental trauma, and nothing else.

So good in Bosch, he will be missed

One of those Oh, That Guy! actors. RIP.

He was hilarious in the TV show Corporate as the company’s bonkers CEO.

I remember him from the handful of times he showed up in the Law & Order franchise.

It’s amazing how many shows he popped up in. He had memorable guest spots on Rick and Morty, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Eric Andre Show and many others. He struck me as someone whose personality led people to want to work with him. RIP

Reminds me of th first line in Breslin’s The Gag That Couldn’t Shoot Straight (paraphrased):

He died of natural causes. His heart stopped beating when someone slipped into his bedroom and stuck an icepick into it. :smiley:

Always enjoyed Reddick. 60 is WAY too young!

The Wire was where I first noticed him. Great part and well done.

Yeah, 60 is too young, RIP.