Landing Wood (TMI)

I experience this everytime I am in an airplane and we begin our descent. We go down, it goes up.

I’m really curious to know if I’m the only one who experiences this phenomenon, and if it is medically documented (something to do with pressure i’d imagine). I figure there are two ways I can find out: a) ask my fellow Mr. Dopers or b) the next time I am on a plane, I can take an informal survey :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop lookin’ at the legs of the flight attendant as she prepares for landing and get that mile high club stuff out of your head - the rest rooms are way to small anyway.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon too; not just on planes but also (on occasion) when traversing a very acute hill at speed in a car (when you get that sensation of falling in your abdomen). Do skydivers get it?

Does it happen when you’re on the pirate ship at the amusement park? I can’t speak for guys, but I know that the downward arc puts pressure on the nether regions of some women…in a not-happy way if it’s a certain time of the month, too. :mad:

I’m sure this is going to be something to do with a muscular contraction or spasm of the pelvic floor and I’m certain it will will be related to that (rather pleasant) feeling you get from brief weightlessness (or partial).