Landlord- please do not schedule chainsaw man for Saturday morning

Why the fuck is there a man with a chainsaw outside my window first thing Saturday morning?

What was my batty-old-lady land lord thinking? I can’t figure out why she hires people from the “cut everything with chainsaws” school of gardening. It’s just a couple of camellia plants and a plot of dirt. Whatever.

But it is first thing Saturday morning! This can be done at any time during the week- like say Wednesday afternoon when they used to do it. It’s not like there is a mandate saying “chainsaw landscaping must be done on Saturday mornings”. Maybe she didn’t have any plans to say…get some bloody sleep…but that doesn’t mean that the other six cottages and I, which are mostly college student and other stay-out-late types, want to wake up to fucking chainsaws on a Saturday fucking morning. The walls are made of paper. That thing is about three feet from my pillow. and it’s been on for twenty minutes.


Hah. You think you have it bad. In college I used to live next to a tiny little forest which was removed to put in a gas station. Of course, demolition of the trees only took place between 7-9 am every day for 3 weeks. It sucked.

If a chainsaw 30 feet from your ear wakes you up, I guess you weren’t really that tired then, were you? :smiley:

lots of reasons this might be done on a Saturday - perhaps the person she got to do this works M-F (not uncommon, ya know).

as for time, you don’t mention what time except ‘the morning’, which can include anything from an unreasonable 7 am to a much more reasonable 11 am.

Well, the post is timestamped 11:21EDT, which would be 8:21 in Santa Cruz. Hence, from the “it’s been on for twenty minutes” in the OP, we can deduce that the chainsawing began at 8am. even sven has my sympathy. Even though I woke up at 7 today, many’s the Saturday I’ve slept till noon, or wanted to.

On second thought, I agree with Qadgop. Chainsaws are only ~100dB. Hardly louder than the birds singing outside your window. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I at least have some sympathy? You don’t take big trees down with itsy bitsy chainsaws. :slight_smile:

Ask the chainsaw man for a job.

I waited until 10:30 AM EDT to fire my chainsaw up. It was a mini payback for the dumbass down the road who runs his blower late at night.